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  1. Hello Bohemia! Can you share some expirience. What tools which exist to players spectating ? I admin on one of the a2oa epoch server, and i need to know that. I find in google some script - GCAM, but i want to know another ways to players spectating. Another scripts or utilites maybe. Thx for watching, and sorry for my bad english!
  2. Hello everyone! I have some questions about my PC protection from sides addons developers. I read this thread https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Extensions and know what DLLs from addons can steal information about my PC (like in article says: "Anything you can do to the computer the dll can do") And the question: Can code in .PBO files from sides addons steal my data (if it have some bad codes inside .pbo), or it is imposible? For example: reg. files from registry (values from regedit) or my PC configuration data, passwords and other. Thx!
  3. Hello, how can I extract ingame map to .png file ? Is it possible to use PBO editor or similar software for this purpose? I found this resource dayzero.xam.nu/podagorsk (can`t attach link), this is ingame map for podagorsk. I think men who create this don`t did screenshots from game and don`t collect it in photoshop. I believe that there is an easier way to extract ingame map in img file. Thank you for your attention!