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  1. I have an issue with GAIA (standalone 2014). We were having an issue when AI would stop being assigned orders sometimes during missions. It turns out that after lots of testing with Zeus that randomly one group would be stuck in an infinite loop with thousands and thousands of move waypoints being assigned. I did some tracing and that groups GAIA Task was 'NONE' but yet the loop continued infinitely. GAIA then can never deal with any of the other AI because it is forever stuck in this loop. I was wondering if this issue has been fixed in the latest MCC version of GAIA - if so I will use it. If not then I would highly recommend adding some sort of waypoint cut off limit to the bad egg while loop because server and client performance takes a gradual decline over time, plus GAIA stops functioning completely! Let me know if you need any more information!
  2. I can confirm this problem. Since the Jets DLC patch (v1.7.0) my server RPT log has been spammed with the exact message you are receiving. After doing some testing it seems that frequent diag_log calls in general could be part of the problem. We are running OCAP in debug mode which outputs quite often. I was also using diag_log to ouput some statistics during the testing of a mission. The output reads as normal for a few lines then the rest is the error message mentioned above. Like you I have also adjusted the server performance settings to no avail. I can also confirm that before this the same mission had no issue whatsoever in the RPT even after running for over an hour solid. The only thing that has fixed it so far is just by not outputting anything frequently to the RPT. Which is kind of a shame as I currently need the information for balancing a combat patrol mission.
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    Medical system improvements

    Thanks for the brilliant reply mate! I hadn't really taken notice of inGameUISetEventHandler. This is definitely something I can use temporarily for my specific case.
  4. I have recently been trying to write a simple script extending the vanilla medical system without having to use a full blown mod. In doing so I have discovered some issues with the medical system that I believe could be improved. As the feedback tracker is currently out of action I figured this would be the next best place to have a discussion and maybe even get a response from one of the developers. My first concern is with the way FAKs (First Aid Kits) work. I think its still not fully clear what they actually do to a player when used, let me explain. So currently if you are a fresh player you will have full health represented as... damage = 0.0; lets say you take some minor damage, now your health is represented as... damage = 0.5; now the player decides to use an FAK on them self, when the animation is finished our player's new health is represented as... damage = 0.25; This is as far as you can go currently with FAKs alone, any further FAKs used will result in the units damage remaining at 0.25 yet the FAK will still be used and removed from the healers inventory. Whilst in this state the player will witness minor damage overlays and hear grunting from their character who is obviously in pain. The only way to heal back up to full health (damage = 0.0) is to have a Combat Life Saver use a medikit on you or treat yourself at an appropriate support unit such as a Medical HEMTT. I think that when your damage level is at 0.25 then yourself and other players should no longer have the option to use an FAK on you as I have seen countless players who think you are still injured (which you are) and waste many important FAKs. My second concern is with the HandleHeal event handler which is currently broken as reported in the community wiki and many dated forum posts. It would be good if this important event handler could be fixed allowing people such as myself who intend to extend functionality, specifically in the medical region. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#HandleHeal The event should fire when any healing is applied to the target character regardless of health, it should report the injured, the healer and the health recovered. 0 = this addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", { _injured = _this select 0; _healer = _this select 1; _damage = _this select 2; _isMedic = _this select 3; }]; Feel free to discuss the above and please Bohemia Interactive Devs, I would love to hear what you have to say regarding what I have posted. Legman
  5. bump - i still need help with this issue!
  6. Hello there I have a question regarding a SQF project I am currently working on. I have created an 'incapacitated' state when players get shot, entering this state brings up a custom dialog which is essentially blank. This prevents the user interacting with anything as they lie there unconscious. What I intend to do is overwrite the ESC key using 'displayAddEventHandler' so that opens the default Escape/Pause menu - however I am having trouble finding the config name for that particular dialog panel. I also question if this is even possible via scripts alone? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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    Test_Boat_01 sink

    Thanks for sharing your solution!
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    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    DragonFyre is awesome - thank you for all of your hard work :p