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  1. I hope someone can help me out. I am having problems running my HC on the same machine as the dedicated server box. if you read my forum https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/201898-headless-client-issues-since-v158 you can get more details on the issue I am having, If i could move the post to this section of the forum I would. the issue I have is my HC can connect to my server remotely, but not when its ran from the same box. I believe its to do with IP routing/Ports. screenshots are in the post above. I hope someone can help me out. thanks
  2. is there anyway I can take this or and import into eden via the debug console?
  3. The DB is just a txt file that stores things. You just need to make a basic server with server.cfg and point it to the mission pho. And then make a bat file to launch arma3 server with the required mods
  4. tinboye

    Vortorsk Terrain

    looking good, cannot wait to try the map out
  5. place the bat in your steamcmd folder, set what mods you want to download, any in the list you do not want to use, then place a :: in front of the line. if using my version, you just set the false to true and it will enable, or my alternative version, you can manually enter the steam workshop ID, and just download 1 mod at a time.
  6. here is the most recent scripts which have been updated. https://github.com/tinboye/Steam_workshop_scripts
  7. Yes. And I have tested with steam guard. And it will prompt u to type that in even Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  8. ive never experienced this issue. there must be an issue with your steamcmd, firewall, folder permissions etc. delete everything from the steamcmd folder except the bat files, then redownload steamcmd.exe run steamcmd.exe by itself first. and login to steam then exit steamcmd then try to run the bat again.
  9. i know there is arma fonts, but was hoping that the text you can place along with map markers could be changed as well, but looks like this is only possible for system chat messages, that kind of thing. Noficiations shown to all players on the server. Could be used to replace BEC messages. {first occurrence after x min, show again after x min, show message for x seconds, font size (recommended is 0.6), xpos, ypos,text color, font, text (<br/> is a linebreak)} if you want the client to see a message only once when logging in, you put the first and second entry in the array to -1. Example: {-1, -1, 4, 0.6, 0, 0, "#ff0000", "OrbitronLight", "Welcome to our server"} xpos and ypos need to be within your monitor. to high numbers and you simply won't see the text.. ~ x-range is between -0.7 to +1 ~ y-range is between -0.4 to +1 Arma Fonts: PuristaLight PuristaMedium PuristaSemiBold PuristaBold LucidaConsoleB EtelkaMonospacePro EtelkaMonospaceProBold EtelkaNarrowMediumPro TahomaB
  10. is it possible to change the text size and or font type of the text that is shown on maps when you place markers with cfgMarkers and setMarkerBrush?
  11. And requires the beserver_x64.dll Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  12. For 64 bit create file as beserver_x64.cfg Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  13. I had been through each og those functions and Google. I could not find anyway to set marker text font and size Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  14. Here is a symbolic link batch file so you can keep your workshop mods in the original location and then just link to your server with the proper names so you can just keep adding all the mods in sequence, change whats there to suit your needs, i put 3 there as examples. i will be adding robocopy script to this as well later so it will automatically take the bikeys and copy them into the servers keys folder.
  15. How I break it down is c:\servers\ Then 2 sub folders arma3server and steamcmd. Add the steamcmd.exe to steamcmd folder. Add the bat file for downloading the mods either under c:\servers or under. Steamcmd folder. Then use steamcmd to download arma3server dedicated server files to the arma3server folder. Then run the mods bat. I have a similar bat to install arma 3 server if u want it Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  16. What mod are you trying to download? Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  17. add this to a batch file, uncomment the mods you want to download, add your own, just increase the array
  18. So helping a person setup a server, i have the commandline right, have -profiles=sc in commandline, it creates the Battleye folder with beserver.dll, it shows in the console that battleye works but the server does not pick up on the beserver.cfg that i created. and when I test to connect to the rcon it will not connect, ports are forwarded. and people can connect fine to the server to play. Just appears to be battleye. Any idea what this could be?
  19. Who wouldn't want a dog companion?or have the ai at night shine light on patrol.
  20. any chance you could add JBOY Dog JBOY Stack Objects JBOY Move Collection of Objects JBOY Fish Jump JBOY Exploding Barrels JBOY Birds of Prey JBOY Combat Up Down JBOY Patrol Chatter and Lights On/Off any of these , specially the dogs
  21. im trying lol, already got 1 guy hooked, he has had all kinds of probs setting up exile server, told him about it, now he is probably going to setup a server.
  22. i have more fun on lost than on exile servers. And i host several exile servers.
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    What In The World Just Happened?

    I don't know the whole story of what happened. But care to elaborate? Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk