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    File deprecated after bigisn v2

    ok so yes it make sense not to force V2. But if I don't force V2 there is only 1 as an option based off this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg it says 1 is deprecated but now 2 is deprecated .... so I just put 3 in the verifysignature ? does not mention it on the wiki which is probly out of date.
  2. I created my bikey with the Create Key option from DSUtil I sign my mod file with DSUtils choosing option force V2, I put my public key in my server Keys folder and check V2 in the config when users joins (me) it still says the mods are not sign by the server. I run check signatues from DSUtils and get Warning: Signature D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@mod\addons\modname.pbo.wasaaaa.bisign is deprecated! for each mod in my pack Is there another way to do this ? I havent sign mod since last year, also I read online there is a new V3 available from this forums ? but in the DSUtil there is only Force V2 on there. Thanks for any help
  3. Squad name:- 54th NTF Timezone/location : UK/CA Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop - Milsim Unit Contact email: Website address: http://54thNTF.comShort description: 54th NTF is an laid back milsim unit based off role play and custom zeus mission. During the week we are more slow due to our numbers and timezone but recruiting more people would help with this. We are a small unit but serious.Language: English
  4. Breau.P

    Taskforce Radio, TS and Arma

    Voice Activation seem to be working after yesterday, but even binding a mute button as soon as he is in Arma it does not reconize the button when tab in. Anything in arma that would be blocking key's while in game ?
  5. I have an issue and I'm not sure if it can be resolve here or even if it's the right place to post. I got one of my player on our Milsim, basically when he comes onto the server he gets move to the TaskForceRadio channel like it's suppose to but when he click his push to talk key of TeamSpeak we can't hear him in game unless he talk on task force radio. If he alt tab out of arma and hit his push to talk to key we hear him fine in game. I remoted into his pc, took my plugins and put it on his machine same issue. Got him to run teamspeak as an admin Got him to re download the TaskForceRadio addon for arma anything you guys think we can try to get him up and running, I added him into groups created on TS already same as the other unit members. Is the first time we have this issue. Thanks for any help im out of options
  6. Breau.P

    Sector Control Spawning

    thanks I added respawnC call BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition; before my respawnC = [west, "respawnCharlie"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; and it worked. Thanks for the help
  7. I have a little sector control map, basically got those triggers down on the sector where Charlie is the name of my sector and respawnCharlie is the name of my respawn marker. So what happens when a side capture a sector, I want them to respawn to the point they own. It works except when for example West capture the point Independent still able to spawn at that point, like it's not trasnfering completely. Any ideas ? Code below for both markers, both of them are repeatable. no type and no activation on the dropdowns. Independent: Condition: (Charlie getVariable "owner") == independent Activation: respawnC = [independent, "respawnCharlie"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; Bluefor Condition: (Charlie getVariable "owner") == west Activation: respawnC = [west, "respawnCharlie"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition;
  8. Breau.P

    Arma 3 Publisher uploading mod error

    I am having the same issue on the dev branch as well. just for a test a took a mod off the workshop copied it over and retry to publish it and got the same error. I did the same with an old mod I use to have and loaded on the workshop a while back and same error as well.
  9. This might of been answered before but I cannot seem to find topics on it. I know battleye kicks players that have mods that are not signed to the server but my question is, for the players on the server (let say you have battleye disable for check signature), is there a way to view player current loaded mods like in the console or by scripts ? Cheers