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  1. vlad_8011

    Volumetric clouds changing shape?

    Si i'm not the only one who noticed this, and cant enjoy gameplay beacuse of it. I've got it since begun, since first play arma 3 - year ago - and i was hoping its some bug after ALPHA version, that remain not long. Today, in 2015 its still present. Is this so hard to implement back Arma 2 coulds as optional? I heared that they ere in Arma 3 Alpha, they are in PiP, so somehow they are in game. It would be cool to see good, old, less CPU eating clouds from arma 2, after disabling volumetric cloud in game menu. Ticket: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25005
  2. vlad_8011

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    MistyRonin, i apreciate your knowledge - its your mod on the end, i just showed source - you may agree or not. I'm happy with actual mod and hope for new content and finally BIS PhysX fix.
  3. vlad_8011

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The guy is not reliable source, but red dot for Grenade launcher - why not.... I can aim better with iron sights, but such feature as red dot could be cool.
  4. Finally, war become more realistic!
  5. There is a little problem aith compatibility with mod RHS Escalation, about glass texture on UH-60M.
  6. vlad_8011

    [WIP] Gear Selector

    I'm sorry if i deters you, but there is actually Virtual arsenal mod, allowing you to configure you gear anywhere. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26269 Only way to set your mod to work fine is to set some bars showing space left in backpack, vest, and uniform - i recomend right down corner.
  7. vlad_8011

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    I'm sorry if this was writed before, but is this normal, that all optic from RHS : Escalation is mounted too high? I use CBA and dont use ADSG Joint Rails, or any other mod.
  8. vlad_8011

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Damian, if your theory would be thruth, they would not mount fuel tanks on front. Read about Chechenya reports. Source is right, there is nothing wrong with it. About USa hardware, you have one side sources as well and nothing cries about it. Its Russian Hardware so info is Russian, USA would talk about Russian hardware good, or bad, how you think? Its "Enemy" hardware, dont expect anything good from US or Brits here. Source is 100 % sure. - they dont have unchecked info, look how info they have - they make it on the rule "quality, not quantity" Only info about T-72, BTR-80 and BMP-3 yet, beacuse veeeeeery lot of research.
  9. vlad_8011

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    " The BMP-3's armour is arguably the best out of all IFVs in its weight class and perhaps even beyond it. It should be noted that during the selection process for the successor to the BMP-2, the existence of highly effective American 25mm APDS ammunition played a significant role. In fact, it directly led to Kurganmashzavod suggesting to base the new IFV on the light tank chassis of Obyekt 685. Overall, the argon-welded aluminium hull of the vehicle provides guaranteed protection from ground-level 155mm shell splinters and small arms fire, which is a definitive trait of all IFVs. Early BMP-3's are often observed with "smooth" and plain hulls, though it can have bolt-on steel overlays attached to the hull. The BMP-3 employs spaced bimetallic armour with an integrated liquid medium package, which is a fancy way of saying that it has aluminium armour augmented with a spaced hard steel wave breaker, backed by a specially designed fuel tank which also acts as armour. Baseline BMP-3s are stated to have sufficient armour to resist 30mm shells frontally from a distance of 200m. Overall, the BMP-3 offers 1.7 times better protection from small arms fire when compared to the BMP-1, and much greater protection against HEAT warheads frontally. The addition of steel overlays over the roof of the hull and turret grants the vehicle complete protection from airbursting 155mm artillery shells. The fuel tank located immediately behind the frontal hull armour is immensely well-thought out. It gives the BMP-3 the ability to resist 35mm APFSDS shells without increasing its weight - an outstanding feat all on its own. Thanks to the self-sealing nature of the fuel tank, perforation will not cause ignition, and fuel leakage is minimized." And more - source (worth to read): http://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2014/10/bmp-3-underappreciated-prodigy.html
  10. vlad_8011

    NO to STEAM!

    Normally. i wasnt able to login beacuse of password. I went to my email to get new password and in waste bin folder i saw messages that password was changed (i wasnt changed it before). email adress on steam is changed so all changing password trials was failed beacuse messages was wenting to diferent email. Simply. I can run game offline but i cant update it! Is it normal? More over i'm not the only person who have stolen account. In march there was 50 hacked accounts and people start losing their accounts. I scanned computer 2 times and i have no virus. Steam guard was ON.
  11. vlad_8011

    NO to STEAM!

    My steam accound is stolen, i had Arma 3 original version for 75zł and what can i do? I created ticked and i will wait god knows how much. I have time for play only for this wekend, they will reply to me in monday when i will must learn to matura exam - This is how i can play with this stupid steam. I even cant update it. Please create something so user can select version he wants same as with Arma I - it will be best solution. For now i need to download copy (pirate) version of arma so i can play it even if i have original one - SIC!
  12. Vanilla missions (presentations) become unplayable now. I'm dying from super shooter Ai (headshot) at 500 meters from one shoot. Im watching my killer and... he have red dot sight! More over in Presentation > "Vehicles" mission you need to steal ATV. In vanilla you are getting undetected to base (where the vehicle is) and you can start shooting (then alarm is switching on and enemies start to engage you). Same mission with your mod, at start (300m from target - hidden) you are DETECTED BY ..... Birds? Enemy haven seen you, havent hear you but they STARTS TO SURROUND YOU AND ALARM IN BASE IS ON (frombegin the mission!). How to configure this right?
  13. vlad_8011

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hah, blocking me on facebook is making me laugh, specially after blocking 2 of my friend (One of themo was served in russian army and know more than you). Russian army is using NVG, and stop telling me that i'm wrong. They are not using it for everry soldier in a squad, but commander and 2-3 man in squad have NVG, while rest of them have NV scopes. VDV units dropped on night mission should have NVG too. While Arma engine have such limitation you should use same tactic as with US forces and give some units NVG. Specially, i dont care, beacuse i'm not playing this game no more, specially beacuse of you, but there is tousands of player who is suffering beacuse of nonsense lack of nightvision on Russian Armed Forces. Inteligence of MistyRonin is hitting records on facebook, after i quote his answers. Like i said, there is not much proves about it, there is a books, and where (in your opinion) there is no "proof" that Russian army use NVG, try to find that they AREN'T using it. PS : I dont want to be biased, but i just looking at team members and see only US flags and abrams photos on their profile. So calling ME a fanboy is ridiculus. If i am a fanboy, so who are YOU? You are fanboys who want to pass missions easier making your "enemies" easier to defeat I see, some people are reporting me with no reason. If they are thinking that they dont have right is reason they are wrong. Admins should pin this post as one of main on this topic, beacuse i cant speak what is truth on THEIR their sites. After some mins i can provide screens from discusion with one man who have very big knowledke about Russian infantry, if you agree.
  14. vlad_8011

    tanks sinks after update

    Ha! It was happening to me before 1.36 when i had many mods installed (including RHS). I was forced to reinstall gaem, downloading take me i day, i havent fast internet connection. Problem was fixed. I started to add more mods - everything was working fine. I updated game to 1.38, everything was fine. It started to occur 2 days ago totally RANDOM. See : http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22220 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22479 Also sound on left channel is disapearing, i will make tests for sound acceleration and SOUND options. In RPT files i see spam of Matrix functions, so it is not RHS fault, RHS team have respond me for that and sayed its officialy BI fault, saying that Nvdia physX is deeper than they thinked or some smillar. It happen to vanilla vehicles as well. There is a island which is working ok - its mission maked on that: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343522307