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  1. Hey i was wondering what the easiest way to check if a unit isn't within a trigger placed in editor via a script. i want it as a condition for a "if" command. thx in advance. :)
  2. haha i thank everybody for their help and please go on with the discussion even if i wont need it someone else might. plus its quite interesting to read since i'm fairly new to scripting. :)
  3. karl1206

    MKY Sandstorm script

    Hey. Thank you for this awesome script. :) but i was wondering if there is a way to make it so it doesn't follow the player but it comes in and occupies a part of the map?
  4. Hey guys :) I am making a cinematic mission where i would love a Medical evacuation by helicopter. i have got a helicopter to come in and land using unitCapture/unitPlay but i dont know what the most efficient way of having one AI carry another AI to the helicopter? thx in advance :)