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  1. What about some newer SIGs like SIG MCX (http://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/sig-mcx-eng/), SIG 516 (http://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/sig-sauer-516-eng/) or SIG 716 (http://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/sig-sauer-716-eng/).
  2. Roger that, thanks mate!
  3. @RabbitSniper curious: from which mod is the (I presume) M4A1 with under barrel GL and vertical grip visible in your latest photo set (US Army Rangers Caught In A Ambush In Baghdad)?
  4. Yes, I'm aware of the limitations of the AI. :) My question was more or less, if it would be possible (and if so, has mad_cheese thought about it) to code some kind of more intelligent behavior for the AI.
  5. @mad_cheese really nice to see that C2 has more content incoming. :) I'd like to ask one thing if you don't mind. Please bear in mind that I'm not aware of how much of workarounds and "hacks" you have been forced to use to achieve the features of C2 nor do I know about the internals of the mod. What C2 does really well is to give you tools for commanding your AI. However, I feel that one major factor is not what the AI does when commanded but rather what it does when not directly commanded: how well does your AI squadies behave when you are not holding their hand. Very basic example: imagine you and your 4 best friends are having a blast kicking <you favorite opposition side here>'s ass. You are on the enemy territory and you have to take a pause to check the map. As you inform this to your friends they don't just stand still and stare at a random direction. They probably seek some kind of cover and arrange a lookout directions without you actually needing to tell them to explicitly do that. Do you think that some day C2 could make the squad's AI a more 'intelligent' or is is totally out of the scope (either because it's so hard/impossible to implement or you just don't see C2 going there)?
  6. @reggaeman007jah Neat! I much prefer the wiki as - and I honestly hope that this is the case - it is more likely to be kept up-to-date. In fact I did have a few things I was missing from the manual, but can't really recall what they were right now. I'll try to compose a list next time.
  7. Nice one mad & co! Is the wiki up-to-date with the content in the manual (meaning, do I still have a reason to rely on it)? :)
  8. If someone has better knowledge please correct me, but I don't think that there exists a carbine version of RK 62. I believe that FDF (Finnish Defence Forces) currently uses besides RK62: RK 95 TP: A version produced on the basis of RK 62. Uses a folding stock and a multifunctional muzzle device and gas valve enabling the use of rifle grenades. Due to the muzzle, RK 95 behaves more steady on automatic fire. FDF had planned on replacing the RK 62 with RK 95 but this never happened in the large scale. RK 62 M: A updated/modernized variant of the older RK 62. Features: adjustable stock, better carrying sling (the old one has a bare leather strip) and picatinny rails for mounting accessories. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/08/10/finland-gives-up-new-rifle-program-will-modernize-rk-62-to-serve-until-2035/
  9. ripppe

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Hi there blazenchamber & SMA team! Really enjoying the marvelous work you are doing with the mod. Hope the next iteration is forming up nicely. However, I did pop in to wonder what happened to HK416 w/ GL and VFG? It seems that the vertical grip has been dropped out (though the UI icon still displays is) somewhere along the way.
  10. Toadie. It's really nice of you to share your insights about the future of your modifications. The list of TODO weapons is hefty but will no doubt make many of us happy. Now I really hate to make another request (as my first post to this thread was already semi request like), but I was wondering that would it be a big work to add (or make a new version) a front grip to your M14 SOPMOD? A somewhat reference picture could be found here. Your SOPMOD is definitely my favorite M14 I have found for Arma 3 so far and the front grip is the only thing I'm missing. I know you probably drown to these requests so sorry in advance. :) Thanks, Ripppe
  11. ripppe

    EricJ Release thread

    Sweet Eric! Really appreciate the effort you put into your weapons. Now that the MRT has been brought up... would there be a chance to get folding/unfolding of your bipods to work with it? It would notch up the immersion real nicely! No pressure of course, you do what you see appropriate. :) Just saying this out loud. (I'm probably(?) not the only one how likes your bipods.) One more thing regarding bipods. Have you considered making them compatible with AGM?
  12. I can confirm gobi42's problem regarding missing GL sights with HLC Core downloaded from the initial link provided by Toadie a few pages back.
  13. Toadie: Aah, I see your point. Thanks for the reply! E: That's no doubt a very impressive set of AUGs. I'm eagerly waiting for getting my hands into them. ;)
  14. Hi Toadie. First of I'd like to share my deepest gratitude of this great work you are doing with these weapons packs of yours. Your packs combined with SMA are one of the bests I have come to know, so thank you very much good ser. Keep up the good work! The real reason (in fact the reason why I even registered to the forums in the first place) concerns your AR-15 pack. In the latest update notes it is said that AGM bipod support has been added. So the benefits of bipod functionality are now in place, but the update doesn't make the actual bipods (for example RRA LAR15) working (i.e. folding and unfolding), am I right? If I'm right, what kind of job it would be to implement the folding/unfolding? Even though this is by no means a mandatory feature, it would add quite nice immersive effect. If I happen to be wrong and bipods are working, should they work without additional configuring? Apologizes if this has already been asked & answered, I tried to look couple of dozen page backwards but didn't find any reference. Cheers, Ripppe