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    EricJ Release thread

    I'd like to report a bug that I've been having with the MH-60M. It occurs only with this helicopter (not any of the DAP versions or the MH-60S's; just the MH-60M). For some reason, the left/right pitch controls are INSANELY sensitive, causing the bird to nearly barrel roll with the slightest movement, and the forward/backward pitch sensitivity is not there, i.e. no pitch control whatsoever forward or back. Very odd bug, I've looked all around and could not find anything on it. It's not a compatibility issue as I tested the mod completely by itself and still had this issue. I did not mess with the AFM settings; I have it turned off by default and that's how I left it; works fine with the other helos from the pack so I don't think that's the culprit. I also tried to download the mod from different sources (direct, WithSix, Steam) and the issue persisted. Again, this issue occurs only on this one helo and no others. Never had it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great helicopters nonetheless!
  2. I definitely agree with Belbo on the Blufor/NATO topic. That was the one and only thing that bothered me that I immediately noticed. I would also be very interested in this mod if it was a replacer. Great work!
  3. The one thing I would really love to see in this mod is the M40, for the Marines.