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  1. Hey guys just letting you all know about my brand new aussie Panthera server. Its made to feel like the old school hardcore PVP servers when Exile first came out, plus some heavy weaponry. Features: -Tons of different weapons and vehicles from the CUP Mod and others -Jets Tanks Arttilery Attack helis spawn in a few spots on the map for those lucky enough to find them aswell as being available to purchase from traders -Extended Base buidling -Shipwreck crates -Easy and hardcore AI missions to suite all players -Roaming AI vehicles to spice things up -High loot PVP zones -High FPS -PVP PVP PVP -Owned and run by a veteran of the DayZ Mod and SA community Discord: https://discord.gg/NY3wSHe
  2. Is this a complete mission file or not? if not what do i need to do to run it?