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  1. so I'm trying to move a mission I've built on altis using rhs and alive to a dedicated server. ran locally using TADS or from the editor all is well. when joining the mission as ran on the server I get the "dlc content required" message the mission is on altis and afaik shouldn't use anything from dlc, all unit spawns are from the rhs escalation mod. I've searched around but neither limiting the mission rotation nor launcing on the empty world helped fixing it. anyone can help? here's the server configuration and mission files https://we.tl/t-zQQbP43xty here's me joining the server (yeah you can read the password, that's intentional if needed to troubleshoot, it's in the conf file anyway, ip is https://streamable.com/o0nhd here's the server startup log file https://pastebin.com/DhChw6FH how can I blacklist dlc from a dedi server?