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  1. Sorry I know I went off, I finally got it to work and I am appreciative of the script creators work. 100% my bad. Made an ass of myself. So this is how I got it to work. I will use my skills in explanation to help people as dense as me, I get paid to be a programmer IRL and yet I couldn't solve this as easily as it could have been with good documentation. Create a mission in the Arma 3 editor, make your player character and whatever else you want. Create a Game logic Object named SERVER, you do this inside the editor using the unit creation tool, it is a type of unit. Within the initialization box of this newly created SERVER game logic object, paste in null=[] execVM "cos\cosInit.sqf"; Save your mission as an export to singleplayer if that is what you are creating or if you want to use the editor just save it as normal. Copy the "cos", folder within COS_05\COS.Altis to C:\Users\whateveryourusernameis\Documents\Arma 3\missions\yourmissonname.yourmissionsmapname folder. For example this is how my path looks. C:\Users\whateveryourusernameis\Arma 3\missions\CIVUSR.Altis\cos What the directions are lacking are specific folder paths, there are something like 3 missions folders for Arma 3, super confusing for someone who has no experience with these scripts. ---------- Post added at 01:55 ---------- Previous post was at 01:42 ---------- Last thing I want to say now that this is working, it is 100% amazing. This is by far the best civilization mod out there. Nothing even comes close to the population density that this has. My apologies and thanks to the author. Nice work man.
  2. The directions for this mod are horrible, 100% horrible, and I can tell from the comments where someone asked about the cosInit.sqf not found error that no one cares to assist, for a newbie these directions are worthless, what do you mean copy the COS folder into your mission folder, do you mean the mission I created, or the default arma 3 "missions" folder where my mission folder is stored, do you mean copy the COS_5 folder, or literally the COS folder inside COS_05\COS.Altis, I have spent hours trying to get this to work and nothing, I created the gamelogic object and named it SERVER, I put null=[] execVM "cos\cosInit.sqf"; in the initialization field of my gamelogic object and I am getting the cosInit.sqf not found error which another user got no answer for, is there a reason your directions are using as few descriptive words as humanly possible? It's so frustrating trying to figure this out. Is English your native language or are you assuming we all know what you know, I love how anytime anyone asks for help there is either a snarky reply or no reply at all.
  3. Yea I am starting to realize that. If I want a populated place I have to do it myself =/ Still this is nice for adding more randomness. What I would like to do is have an open fully populated world that I do not have to build myself, then I would add in the enemy insurgents, ambushes ect. imbedded in with civilians, and then some US patrols that I could provide CAS for when they encounter the insurgents. Nerdy I know. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thank you! I am very excited about your mod, I feel like bohemia needs to cut you a check for making this an actual world and not just some empty map. :o
  5. Is the mod supposed to work out of the box? I loaded the mod, then loaded the editor on Altis and began flying around, if I am lucky I will find 1 random flying vehicle or 1 random civilian vehicle on the map and that is it, nothing is really spawning, certainly not enough spawning for how large this map is. I know I am missing something =] Thanks