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    • I'm here to report that last week's update (v2.1) is a great improvement as it seems to have resolved the "hung" state of your CO, i.e. for the first time I was able to complete the Combined Arms showcase (all surviving AI boarded the helo for extraction). @nkenny please keep up the great work! BTW is it realistic to try playing the Campaign with this mod activated?
    • Hi outlanders!   I'm very happy with all of this maps.. but I think it's time for new landscapes to explore. What do you think?  
    • @nkenny   Stance is certainly very important. However combat modes are not really about stances either. Player commander stance management is doable. Automated based on situation or environment probably not really. Arma is way too complex and the influence on AI too limited, as well as ability to get input on the environment.   To get units to retreat from combat try:
        units player apply {  _x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; }; units player apply {  _x disableAI "TARGET";  _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET";  _x disableAI "COVER";  _x disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE";  _x doMove (position player);  _x setUnitPos "UP";  _x setBehaviourStrong "CARELESS";  _x forceSpeed 100; }; What commands explicitly do you need the menu for?   What means 1? To get a medic in your team to heal you? Can you do that via "INJURED" in the  context sensitive command menu. Also you can use it with a medic selected to treat others. Or use the medic support call (5-1-1). So please elaborate   Inventory access and rearm are very important indeed. These are on my list and should be doable via context sensitive command menu.   You can already order units to building positions. What is a hassle is to order multiple units/the whole team as you need to do it for each position individually. Pretty sure there are already scripted solutions from A2 days for that though. So only needs to be tied into the context sensitive command menu (or some custom one).   That said AI is pretty stupid with buildings (movement, animations, turning, awareness, no flexibility). So to make AI really meaningful with buildings you really need to script a lot in addition.   Personally I never understood why so many are fixated on buildings - Arma is an open world simulation. Buildings/objects is one of its biggest weak points in many ways - not just for AI.   You can also order suppression via the context sensitive command menu (by holding ALT). Or are you saying its not working well enough?   To be able to adjust the duration/an endless mode one can toggle off would be convenient. However not simple to implement such logic nicely interface wise and have it really meaningful gameplay wise.   Personally I am not convinced either suppression is really working well in Arma (that said don't have too much hands-on experience with it nor did I notice it to matter really). Arma seems also not really well suited for it given its aiming mechanics for both player and AI. However I am always open to be convinced otherwise with good arguments or examples.
    • Is it possible that the latest version includes some code or config to remove dead bodies after a short while? (If that is actually a feature I would love to be able to switch it off 😉)
    • Is AMF going to be replacing R3F for French uniforms and equipment or will the mod just now be compatible with AMF as a supplement? Either way I guess I need to go the SWS and download AMF.