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    • Hello,    I have a rather odd request for the development. It seems that the 'new' soundset system is not available for gatling weapons such as the 20mm Blackfoot cannon, the 30mm Kajman or, and that's the greatest disappointment, the CAS1 plane main cannon, the Gau8 so to say.    Currently they still use the old soundbegin parameters that allow no controllers or any sort of parameters controlling the sounds. And that's a real shame as the weapons sound weird, does not work with distance filters or 3d processors and such. And not distance sounds. When ever soundsetshot is applied to these weapons, they are muted without any rpt... They just don't work.    In that case we can not create good sounds for that type of weapons. I know it might be a performance reason but with the controllers that are connected to Soundsets we can limit certain things and make it performant enough.   
    • CUPREP #0011: New Release 1.13.0   A new release of CUP Terrains is available as part of today's CUPDATE live on the usually channels, or very shortly for the workshop. For terrains there are some small fixes for some maps, clearing off a number of old tickets. However for Core whilst the number of overall changes are not as big as in the past hopefully some important fixes and improvements have been made.   A particular focus was put on the view geometry of all vegetation provided  by CUP. The size of the geometry has been increased on average between 20%-30%, for gameplay this means that the goemetry that obscures AI's "sight" has gotten bigger and more inline with what the players see from that actual textures. We hope that this will provide a bit more balance when playing against AI on terrains using the older vegetation. Continuing the theme of geometry improvments in models, there was also an overhall done on the fire geometry for compound walls for assets from A2 and OA, to try and update them with more realistic penetration data. For example the mud walls found creating compounds all over takistan are now letting 7.62mm rounds through them, making your choices of cover against different weapon systems a bit more important.   Also quickly to explain the reasoning for removals that may get queried in the changelogs, we have taken a decision at this time to remove the destruction animations from bridges that had them. The main reason for this was that they were unusable by community terrain makers for reasons that are still trying to be diagnosed, however the result was causing various terrain making tools to crash. The short term solution to this has been to remove the destruction animations and follow the arma 3 approach for bridges and make them indestructable. We know that a number of people will not be happy with this change as they like the situations and scenarios that they can make around destroyed bridges, we hope that in the future a proper solution can be found or, an alternative destruction method used.   To wrap up, we would like to note that this may be one of the last updates for the current CUP Terrains Maps package. This does not mean that work on CUP Terrains will conclude, simply that we are freeing up the time that would be spent on them for other projects that we hope to be able to share information on soon.   As always changelogs are on both our downloads page and contained within the download on steam.
      Have Fun, and Bye for now!
    • I have built some memory allocators using thread building blocks 2019 source code, updated few weeks ago. I wanted to see if there is an improvement, sent the builds to my friends, seems like results are all the same, sharing here for you others out there might want to test and give feedback.   2nd test builds: https://mega.nz/#!jC4VWALL!0e41USDZ2DyccYkXrSp8ls7oEb6u8vk2VjZiGK9hfpI   unpack & move memory allocator dll files to "\Arma 3\Dll\" folder; enable-select malloc from a3 launcher (x86 or x64) *BE has to be disabled (it blocks loading of memory allocator...make sure BE is disabled)
      *avx and avx2 extra versions provided for newer cpu's, as well as SSE2 version built from tbb2019_U8 source code: https://github.com/intel/tbb
    • Hello everyone. I have some great news that im sure you have all been waiting on. The USAF mod team has done tremendous work getting everything ready for release with that being said. We have entered our closed beta stress test. The following assets will be available upon release in the coming days. We are still doing some polishing and obviously working on the bombers and everyone's favorite AC-130. Pingopete is hammering away day and night getting his baby ready. Trust me you will love it when you see it..WE DO. I would like to take the time to thank the USAF mod team and various supporters for their help, knowledge and expertise in getting us ready. Yes it has been a couple years but lives do play apart in our work. We are all grown adults with jobs and kids. Thank you to the community for standing by and waiting for us to release and before anyone asks YES IT WILL BE ON THE STEAMWORKSHOP. If it is not under SGT_FULLER it isnt authorized. See you on the battlefield.    -A10C Thunderbolt II - F22A Raptor -F35A Lightning 2 -C130 Super Hercules -C17 Globemaster III -KC-135 Statotanker -MQ-9 Reaper - RQ-4A Global Hawk - NEW Service menu - Updated Weapons box
    • This screenshot is missing a bandana.  😉