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    • Good job, way to stick with it until you found something that worked for you.  I know nothing about ACE Medical, so can't help.  Glad you have something working.  Have fun!  Post a video or screenshot if its convenient (I love seeing my traps used in the wild!).
    • Making it more complicated imo, to much coding involved, heres a different idea to try.     Whatever vehicle you want the player to blow up, just give that vehicle a name and create a trigger with !alive check  ---->   !Alive vehiclename in the condition box, then setup a group or units of enemy you want somewhere, give them a waypoint to the said vehicle area, set the end waypoint to guard or even search and destroy. Sync the trigger to the first waypoint of the enemy group, (set waypoint activation).   When the player blows up the vehicle, the trigger goes off, and lets loose the enemy squad and they will come.
    • OK, I managed to set up my test mission such that I was seeing your issue (using the default searchLoot.)   I changed line 16 in fn_initSearch.sqf: _searchPos = getPosATL _player; //change to _searchPos = getPos _player; and everything worked as expected.   I'm staying with this because you shouldn't have to employ workarounds that compromise your intent.   getPos uses PositionAGLS, so if your waves are high enough, it may throw things off a bit. Though this may only require increasing LARs_searchRadius in LARs_lootSettings.sqf by however high the waves are.
    • CAFECOMLEITE659 and Oscar O Careca. Please action according to your policy on teaming if you have one. This is the second game in a row of teaming on solos. I couldn't get the other guys names cause I killed one and the other survived and storm was coming so I had to leave. Would be nice to see who I killed for the future.
    • so i just tested it again and it does not work in this setup on the pic below.   depth is 50 meters, box is "Land_vn_drevena_bedna", rock is "Land_BluntRock_monolith" and if its set under the pier like in the pic, the UI loot window appears for quarter of a second then vanishes. If i remove the rock, it works.    idk..i can make a video and upload to youtube but am rly lazy right now tbh. In any case i managed to find a work around, so..all good