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co10 [TFS3] Op Killing House

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= Operation Killing house =

Mission author

shark attack

Mission type

10 man Special Ops CO-OP

4 man Entry Team

4 man Fire support

2 man sniper team (HALO)

[= Tactics - Teamwork - Communication =]

= Op Killing house = Mission directive


Over the last few weeks a growing number of al Qaeda operatives have entered Duala from Yemen and Somalia and have established a renewed network with the Brothers of the sword that potentially threatens U.N assets in the region.

Intel retrieved from the captured airfield has revealed details of a meeting between the Brothers of the sword and an Al Qaeda cell from the Yemen. The close proximity of the meeting place to local housing has ruled out the possibility of an air strike.

Your team has been sanctioned to raid the complex where the meeting is being held and assassinate the 4 man Al Qaeda cell.

Mission requirements


Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras

Community Base addons

Isla Duala 1.6

MP Compatible Fast Rope

Download mission

med system = ACE wounds system / ACE spectate

a sequel to co6 Operation Foothold

come along and play it on the Underground (UK) Server


port 2302

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Your missions look great!!

You really should PM icebreaker and ask him to put your missions on the Isla dula site!

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Ok, so we played with almost a full crew the other night and quickly learned the value of timing and teamwork. Communication between the teams is extremely important as well coordinating attacks. You should have multiple plans in place just in case something goes wrong. Also, try and think tactically, a long sniper rifle does not cut corners as well as a designated CQB weapon, try to remember that when assaulting a building. Once we were all on board with the concept of teamwork we had a great time. We played a few more times afterwards and the mission did not get old or seem repetitive.

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This Mission DOES NOT RUN!!! It claims I am missing M8 GL CQB.........WTF? All ACE mods and CBA etc. loaded. Still kicks back to lobby for no M8 GL CQB.

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