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Computica's Warfare Mission Corner!

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I hope it's okay to make a new post in this section so I can update things... Well The past 4 days I've been Working on 3 to 5 Different Warfare missions for the ACE Island pack and I recently submitted one about 2 days ago for the Ace Island pack and QG. I'm going to upload 2 more that I've been working on to filefront. I'm just not finish yet though so there basicly in Beta form. I still have to tweak them a bit and I'm going to release an update for the Torment Valley map so the Infantry AI won't get stuck on the upper Island. As soon as I do a few more test they should be ready...

Note: All maps are 32 player Warfare game modes!

ACE Island Skye Warfare 1.1b 32 - FlyEd V4b#1 1/27/2010 (Very playable & stable; I want to add a few more things though...)


Island Porto (Queen's Gambit) - Warfare ADV 1.31 - (Mercenaries[West] Vs. Partisans[East]) 1/28/2010 (unfinished very fun map!)

http://www.filefront.com/15446647/WarfareADV1.31-MvsP_TEST.Porto.pbo <--- Outdated I submitted the new one in the Download section...

http://www.filefront.com/15451417/WarfareADV1.31-MvsP-0.7-Pack-Porto.zip/ <--- The new one (fixed!)

Ace Island Torment Vally Warfare 1.1b 32 - FlyEd V4b#2 1/28/2010 (Soon to be in its final stages, I just need to run some testing and tweaking)


Note: Regardless of the topic title I think I should of moved this to a new topic...

EDIT: I'm going to be testing the missions for now, when I'm done I'll submit the new ones to the Armaholic download section.

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