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Group Vehicle Control Module

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( "Group Vehicle Control Module" )

by xx-Cougar-xx

Current Version: 1.0.01



G.V.C.M was written to handle certain basic requierments for improved performance and assisting mission makers in a standard manner. It attempts to Hide, then remove dead bodies, remove vehicles, expendable or not thru an effect if selected. It Manages the groups which all vehicles and units belng to. It can create Dynamic markers as well. Some overloaded BI functions have also been included to aid mission makers.


Please state in your Mission title screen, and/or description "w/G.V.C.M", or "With G.V.C.M". Non Miltary, Non Commericial use only.


- Hide all dead bodies.

- Deletes all dead Bodies.

- Destroy Dead vehicles with or with out effect, the effect is of 4 different levels depending on the type of vehicle.

- Removes vehicles which have been abandoned and can not move, unless repaired in a time set by mission maker.

- Deletes Mission maker listed expendable vehicles, if stated by a certain time and empty. If manned or re-occupied it will not remove.

- Removes empty groups.

- Can provide J.I.P Dynimically created Markers for Players, Vehicles, or both, depending on side and if sides of vehicle change, including listed wrecks and standard Arma2 markers and colors.

- Provides some basic overload functions to assit mission makers. (W.I.P)

- Server and Client RPT output of various statistics on Groups/Vehicles/Units/Markers and how it is handling them.


Dynamic markers on bots:

Dynamic markers on vehicles:

Vehicle removal with explosion effect:


- un zip and move GVCM folder to your unpacked missions folder

- Edit the settings in ...\GVCM\i_gvcm.sqf

- Add to your missions Init.sqf the following line with a correct path: execVM "GVCM\i_gvcm.sqf";

-For additional info, please open the enclosed readme file



~ Wreck markers not working on aircraft corrected.

Known issues:

- Troops that are parachuting in and killed in mid-air will remain as dead bodies, Since these are the only dead bodies left I do not know if I will correct this issue.

- Markers take a minute(depending on your cycle times) to load up due to the nature of how it loops.

- Sometimes as a player when you join, not all markers will appear, it may correct itself when another player joins or disconnects, or you rejoin. It happened so few times that I have been un able to recreate it. I re join and it corrects itself, restart the dedi server and do same things again and it does not happen.

- Only Tested on Coop, I would like to add vehicle only removal for PvP in the future and test markers on a PvP game type.

- Only Tested on Dedicated Servers. It should work on a hosted game.

Feedback and Bugs:

For now please post on forums at xx-team-xx.com in the arma2 section.



I would like to thank the folowing people for posting on the BI Fourms/Wiki and sharing their knowledge.

- Rommel

- GeneralCarver

- Xeno

- SickBoy

Edited by xx-Jaguar-xx

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Sorry, I forgot we increased security on the forum, and visitors had to register. All links and info should be in first post now.

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Changed thread title so it's clear what this is all about.

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testing 1.1.01 now

includes revamp for expansion, 2 fixes for markers and a new "Client Process Module" (CPM)

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