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Outbreak Situation

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Hi people.

Today I announce my first english mission ever for the Ofp Community. I've released how ever many high quality missions & campaigns for the german Ofp community in the past so I'm not new to Editing in any way. I started with the mission itself many years ago when Ofp was still in it's golden times.

Now since Dr.Pepper released his nice Zombie AddOn which combines the best things of all the other Zombie AddOns I thought it's time that I finish this mission. I've lost some of my best and nearly finished missions after a bad Hard disc crash couple of years ago so I'm glad that one of my older maps (which I were able to rescue) will see the light of sun in the near future.

So far I can give you only some screens of the finished Intro. The mission itself is maybe at 30%

Story: Situation is hopeless. Infected are worldwide killing people and turning them to flesh hungry Zombies. You Dylan Blackwood are in 1 of the last Strongholds on Farmland Islands. 15 minutes ago command lost contact with the last chopper available. In this chopper was a high ranking general who is very important for keeping morale and structure at high levels. Your task is simple find & rescue the General.

During the mission you and your men will encounter many dangerous situations but you also get the chance to rescue other survivor parties and call for help to evacuate them into safety. But will you find the General? Only time will tell. Release date: TBD





Planned Features:

-Call for help to evacuate Survivors via Mapclick

-Many Cinematics like Intro, Outro, Cutscenes

-Great music supporting the Atmosphere of the mission

-Maybe voice acting (Would need voice actors here)

-Challenging and surprising Story and Objective Events

-Showing Ofp on it's best for those who still like it more than Arma like I do for example

Want to know more about my German missions:

Go here>>>> http://www.bbs-team.net/

Greetings 23-Down

Edited by 23-Down

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Looks very promising. I like all horror type of missions. I'm looking forward to it. :)

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Ok like promised some new pictures (feedback welcome) :)

This time I show some pictures of the mainbase and the Airport at Farmland Islands.

As side of that I also have good news. I finished the 2nd important part of my mission. Now I'm continuing the rest of the mission what should go faster from now on. The concept how I want the mission to end is also finished in my head. So far I'm planning on 20 different objectives you have to accomplish in order you win this mission.

Allright that's enough talk for now let me show you the pictures..

Some doctors and nurses waiting for wounded.


some survivors finally in safety in the military base.


Some Zombies walking on the road. Were they in that bus?


Time for a last stand on the destroyed Airport.


A look around the Airport everything is dead except those lurking creatures!


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