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    AMT v 1.4 Release

    Just downloaded it after reinstalling Arma2. Now that I finally got a computer actually capable of handling Arma2. I've installed the AMT Gepard 1.41 version. How do I disable the tarn net on those vehicles. I already decompiled the AddOn to see for myself but I couldn't find any script reference. Maybe things are handled different in Arma2 than back in Ofp. So what would be the proper script command to activate and deactivate the tarn net on that vehicle inside the addon. As for the AddOn itself. Fantastic work loving it. Although some of the textures seem a little low dev even compared to the old bw_mod ofp variant. But that's ok main thing is we've gotten this great vehicle in game. :) EDIT: this animate ["tarnen",1]; this animate ["tarnen01",1]; this animate ["tarnen02",1]; this animate ["tarnen03",1]; Just if anybody wonders these are the commands to disable, activate the camouflage nets.
  2. My wishes for Arma3? Hm I would wish me that Arma3 returns a little back to the roots. Meaning: 1.) Smooth controls like in Ofp combined with realistic vehicle physics. In Arma2 the controls are a nightmare in my opinion. Everything is very blurry. 2.) Also related to controls: Proper air vehicle controls. In Ofp it may have been limited in many aspects but at least people were able to fly their craft. In Arma2 it is more like a flight sim. If I want a flight simulator I play a real one not Arma2. Perhaps add 2 control schematics one that's like in arma2 and one for worse pilots that's like in ofp or similar. 3.) AI improvements. The Ai in Arma2 felt somewhat superior uber human like but at the same time also more than once very stupid. 4.) Better physics seeing how tanks drive against a 1m thick wall and suddenly end up on their on their rear is simply a no go. Ofp & Arma1 had better physics than Arma2 in that regard. At least tanks back there could pass obstacles without turning their vehicles on their back. 5.) Improved performance. I never was a big fan of the streaming technology but I can see that it wont work without it these days. Find a way to reduce the hardware requirements. 6.) For a chance a story line that is trilling & epic just like in the good of days of ofp. Never really liked the stories in Arma1 & 2. But then again I disliked the entire eastern Europe, mid east setting and couldn't simply get warm with it. 7.) Return to large military operations instead of small special forces assignments and fighting minor terrorists. Try to bring back a mix of all of it. 8.) Take your time this time do not release a half unfinished and bugged game. 9.) Please get rid of those terrible menus when you open the map. Something like back in ofp would be nice a note block you can drag away if it annoys you. The way it is in Arma2 is rather frustrating when you're in the middle of a firefight and want to give move orders on the map. No first first you have to deselect your soldiers again and press backspace in order to get rid of the command task bar simply annoying. 10.) Why does the player have to switch his weapon or press the fire button after leaving the "Map". Also very annoying I hope that wont return in Arma3. When leaving the "map" the player should be combat ready again. 11.) Make it possible in Arma3 that you can once again scroll the menus upside down. At the moment you have to scroll all from top to bottom and opposite very time consuming. Wasn't like that in my good old favorite Ofp. 12.) For Arma3 I wish me that animation names make sense again just like back then in ofp. 13.) Watched one of those DayZ videos recently were Dean talked about instances for underground levels. I would wish me the exact same feature for Arma3. Combat is just not always taking place on the surface and you're going the right direction that you allow diving in arma3. Could be linked to a new form of trigger. Change_instance and there the player can select of a pre created list of underground maps or self created maps either done in the editor itself and saved as new special mission type like intro,outro etc. or with a terrain editor.
  3. 23-Down

    Coming back to OFP!

    Don't forget DXDLL - it makes old Ofp look way better and more colorful. http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/;49296
  4. 23-Down

    German Misc Pack released

    Nice work on the new police pack. They really look photo realistic. As for the BW units. I'm aware about that but take a look at the dates. It's most likely that they abandoned their work on them. The WIP work screens for example are from over 2 years ago. But well lets hope for the best. :)
  5. 23-Down

    German Misc Pack released

    Really great packs Marselle77. I use your Bw pack along with the BW mod and I really like the Mars and your soldiers. It would be awesome if you could redo both Uh1 Helis from original BW mod and readd them into your pack. They have to loud engine sounds and therefore causing sound issues if you have more than 2 choppers at the map. It would be also awesome if you can maybe build some additional vehicles for our forces. :) I'm missing some units from the good old Ofp days. The 2 top units in the links are still used for training and simple transport purposes. Drove with both 2008 - 2010 during my mil time in different training scenarios. http://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/117/unimog_sanitaeter.jpg http://www.panzer-modell.de/referenz/in_detail/2t-unimog/2t.htm http://soldatenglueck.de/2009/03/15/7009/auslaufmodell-wolf-eagle-im-kommen-video/ The Eagle IV latest german technology in use since 2008 which will eventually replace the Wolf Jeep. http://www.panzerbaer.de/types/pix/bw_flakpz_2_a2_gepard-001.jpg The Gepard now no longer in use due to high costs but still sitting in storage halls should they be required for defence purposes. Would be awesome if you could add those 4 units in only if you're in the mood and have time of course. :) Keep working I really like your different AddOn packs. Perhaps you can even port the originals from Ofp to Arma2 and just enhance the models and textures abit not sure.
  6. Really nice work on the pack. But it still has many flaws. - Only the right front light is actually being displayed properly in front of the car. - The front lights are also not flackering when the horn lights are on which is the case normally. - For some reason the siren sound is very quite at 1 point during the loop sequence. - No police crews? :) But aside from that great work. I hope to see a version 1.6 some day where those issues get fixed then it will be a perfect AddOn. Hopefully you can also construct ambulances and firetrucks at some point + the crews then it will be a god like AddOn pack. :P
  7. 23-Down

    @cba_a2 file

    The link you've posted here has only the @CBA folder included. Where do I find the @CBA_A2 folder? In none of the Cba files I've downloaded so far was this included.
  8. 23-Down

    Returning to the game

    Hi people I'm an old Ofp veteran loved it in the old days and created many custom campaigns & missions which you can actually still get even today. (german only unfortunately): http://www.bbs-team.net/ However I finally decided to return to the great Arma Community. I may don't have that much time anymore compared to 10 years ago but still.... I'm planning on creating missions again. (I still know all the Ofp commands) however I do know that tons of new commands came with Arma1 & Arma2,OA are there anywhere references for the Editor and it's commands downloadable? In Ofp & Arma1 we had the Editor Bible created by the Mapfact team & Mr.Murray. Does something like that exist in the present days? As side of that what else can you recommend me for a must have download? I just ordered Arma2 OA per Amazon 2 days ago and I'm looking forward to finally play it. I do have Arma2 but stopped playing it after constant FPS drops. I've heard Arma2 OA is way more balanced in that sector so my computer should be hopefully able to play it lagfree. Win732bit, Quad core 2.4ghz nvidia 8800 GTS, (very outdated by now) 4gb Ram. I hope that's enough. I probably need to buy a better graphic card and perhaps some more ram. Anyway I already saw many recommendations. Are those still recommendable and are there perhaps new things by now everyone should have? Please be as detailed as possible with your answers since I'm a total noob by now due to my long absence. In the meanwhile I'll continue my reading on the different topics here I already found some very cool commands I wish which I had in Ofp back then. Greetings 23-down :)
  9. 23-Down

    I dont hear DIRECTION of sound effects

    And how do I do that? I can't turn on EAX in Ofp and where is that software 3D sound setting? I have Realtek High Definition drivers installed but there are no options about 3D sound?? Or what excactly does 3D sound mean (Sorround sound?) thanks for your help regarding this. :)
  10. 23-Down

    I dont hear DIRECTION of sound effects

    Ah exactly the topic I was looking for... I'm still playing Ofp from time to time... I have the same problem like Bison. I can't specify a direction anymore. And it always sounds like the tanks or soldiers are right in front of me but in real they are several 100 meters away. I'm not sure if I hear the entire map but it's loud so much is clear. Now unfortunately I can't turn on Hardware Acceleration nor EAX because Vista and Win 7 handles the audio different in a completely new way. Does anyone here has an idea how to reeanable or how to fake the Hardware Acceleration in Ofp? In Direct X itself nor in Ofp I can't turn it on or off anymore it completely vanished in the modern days. But many older games are using EAX1 & 2 and Hardware Acceleration. Ideas?
  11. 23-Down

    Little campaign-Lost solder

    give us a difinition of realistic where was resistance realistic in what way? If you expect us to help you take yourself more time than 5 seconds x1 post.
  12. 23-Down

    Little campaign-Lost solder

    You're faster writing the campaign description.ext by your own than using the campaign maker listen to that man he knows what he is saying. But in the case you don't get it you can take mine: class CfgIdentities { }; class Awards { class Award01 { limit = 12; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; class Award02 { limit = 40; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; class Award03 { limit = 100; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; }; class Penalties { class Penalty01 { limit = -1; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; class Penalty02 { limit = -7; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; class Penalty03 { limit = -12; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; class PenaltyGameOver { limit = -15; abel = ; cain = ; eden = ; }; }; exitScore = -15; class MissionDefault { lives = -1; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; }; class Campaign { name = "Your Campaign name"; firstBattle = Part1; class Part1 { name = "The name displayed for the mission in the campaign menu"; cutscene = ; firstMission = nameofthemission for example firstmission; lost = ; end1 = ; end2 = ; end3 = ; end4 = ; end5 = ; end6 = ; class firstmission: MissionDefault { end1 = secondmission; end2 = secondmission; end3 = secondmission; end4 = secondmission; end5 = secondmission; end6 = secondmission; lost = firstmission; template = firstmission.eden if it plays on everon for example; }; class secondmission: MissionDefault { end1 =; end2 =; end3 =; end4 =; end5 =; end6 =; lost = secondmission; template = secondmission.eden; }; }; }; It's important to have 3 }; signs on the end of your campaign description.ext Now all you need to do is to create a folder with 1word for example my_campaign and create a missions folder in there where you put your maps in an overview.html file + picture in your my_campaign folder and the description.ext in the same folder. Now you should be able to see the campaign in the campaigns menu. Of course you must change the names of the missions and add 4 more missions to the description.ext because you're having 6 missions like you told. And remember use only 1 word names or with _ signs... Something like hold the line.abel wont work it must be hold_the_line.abel Any questions or problems left then ask here.
  13. 23-Down

    Mission : The Iron Beast

    Use modfolders to avoid unwanted addon bugs.. Many AddOns are written bad in code theirfore they appear in any mission used or not... Or you accidently used it in your mission. With modfolder it wont happen. I will test your mission later. Glad to get new stuff so many good old ofp maps are vanished it's a shame. FDF mod for example had a huge fanpage which had over 500 high quality missions & campaigns = all lost. So pitty. :(
  14. create a script which checks if you used the savegame command when simply apply the setidentity command again. I can't however remember how that works. I just remember a mission which used that feature successfully.
  15. 23-Down

    Little campaign-Lost solder

    I can help you with cutscenes on the weekend give me links for the AddOns tell me what you want for cutscenes and then I build it for you this should increase the quality of your campaign extremely contact me here via private message... I will also teach you how create cutscenes.. I teached that in the last years at least 5 persons... All those 5 people became good camscripters and missionmakers because if you know how to make good movies you automaticly create nicer and better missions because you're more determined. You wont believe how easy and fast camscripting works... Like I said I can only help on the weekend.