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*All Islands* Domination Conversion Guide + Example Missions

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dondaddah, I would have offered the pbo file for Panthera, but, I am not sure how to do that on here. Plus at that time, I still wasn't finished yet. I have since figured out the problem I was having with the respawn. I just deleted that player and created a new on and now that all works fine. I am still working on getting the side missions up and running. Since there are a total of 52 side missions, getting all of the coordinates for everything takes quite a bit of time.

I am also looking for a way to run Panthera on the server without having everyone download and install the mod for it. Would be nice to be able to do that so everyone can play on it.

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I unpacked the downloaded (Esbekistan) island/map, but theres no config file? And btw i couldin't unpack any of three islands (Used ArmA2UnPBO)

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... ^ solved..........

I've done everything, mission is working, side missions also, BUT, in preview (also i've tried in LAN) i got error: "Script userconfig\t_serv\serverfuncs.sqf not found". I've searched everything, where the hell is this file!?

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On 6/22/2010 at 10:57 AM, bushlurker said:

Hi guys!

Oops... multiple questions here and I haven't been keeping an eye on this thread like I should... apologies...

Sorta in Holiday Mode at the moment - without actually going away anywhere... ;)




You could basically achieve the same effect with a lot less fuss simply by making a Replacement Config which would replace all Russian OPFORS with, say, Arab Terrorist equivalents...


In case you're not familiar with the idea I'll explain briefly.... essentially, a replacement config is a patch that loads after the main game - it patches into the game config and redirects the definition of each opfor unit to use a different model... while the RC is loaded - ALL of those Standard OPFORS will appear as different - regardless of the island or mission, until you restart the game without it...


I prefer the Replacement Config approach myself personally, its quick and easy...

I humbly accept the role and reserve the right to revive this wonderful thread.
Sure ArmA 2 combine ops with the DLCs may be an older game.. but many still play it.

1st thank you @bushlurkerfor creating this thread. :)
2nd many thanks to those whom have contributed.

I am part of an online community which has been working on converting the Domination 2.11(chernarus) and 2.28 (takistan).  It has been a project for over 4 years, but recently we have clocked over 220hrs within the last 2 months attempting to replace the OPFOR/EAST side with new mod faction ALIENZ . Sadly when we go in the i_server.cfg and try out the game. it seems to work at first but then the mission will not trigger and we are either stuck on a Main target (even though its been cleared) and or the camps will not capture. The capture bar gets smaller instead of bigger

after taking the time of doing much research we have found a few possible solutions.

  • edit the mod ALIANZ and make the faction east
    • sadly we don't know how to even after editing the .bin file
      • errors came up and failed to render in game.
  • reskin the EAST faction
    • ya no....
  • and then we found out we could just make a Replacement Config !!!!!!
    • thIS IS GREAT!

Question now is HOW?

I have downloaded the santa replace config mod and have opened the PBOs. Noticved  i see alot of config.bin(s) I have yet to open these but its evident we can assume its a REDIRECT to the Santa Models.

Assistance would be most appreciated.

This post may be updated with future findings.

Sincerely, respectfully, regards.

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