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  1. I was following Placebo's steps, and i got four files, but is "KEY" supposed to be only zeroes ? http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/9043/67433333.jpg (168 kB) http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/9043/67433333.jpg' alt='67433333.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img] ---------- Post added at 21:14 ---------- Previous post was at 19:20 ---------- Ive just reinstalled ArmA 2 OA, seems to be working, patching now...
  2. There's bug in MP... If i want to load for example ammo crate, other player won't see me loading it inside, after drop only i can see it. Loaded object will remain on same position before picking it up, for them. If i load object i have to drop it also, other will have option "Load Cargo" only.....
  3. Anyone knows how could i add one more MHQ? I've found first two defined MHQ's in d_init file, they were like: "[xvec1,0], [xvec2,1]...." and i've added in the end: "[xvec13,2]", [xvec1,0],[xvec2,1],[xmedvec,10],[xvec3,20],[xvec4,21],[xvec5,22], [xvec7,23], [xvec8,24], [xvec9,25], [xvec6,30], [xvec10,31], [xvec11,40], [xvec12,41] and [xvec1,0],[xvec2,1],[xmedvec,10],[xvec3,20],[xvec4,21],[xvec5,22],[xvec6,30],[xvec7,40], [xvecR1,100],[xvecR2,101],[xmedvecR,110],[xvecR3,120],[xvecR4,121],[xvecR5,122],[xvecR6,130],[xvecR7,140] I loaded in editor, and i had "MHQ Menu", but cannot undeploy and load ammo box. I believe theres something more to add/edit but i cannot find it :/ - Solved, made PMC SUV as MHQ :D
  4. Strela2M

    Esbekistan Map v.1.0 20x20

    Thanks and Btw, http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17675
  5. Strela2M

    Esbekistan Map v.1.0 20x20

    I placed A-10 in hangar, fired few rounds with GAU-8, and heres whats happened....
  6. ... ^ solved.......... I've done everything, mission is working, side missions also, BUT, in preview (also i've tried in LAN) i got error: "Script userconfig\t_serv\serverfuncs.sqf not found". I've searched everything, where the hell is this file!?
  7. I unpacked the downloaded (Esbekistan) island/map, but theres no config file? And btw i couldin't unpack any of three islands (Used ArmA2UnPBO)
  8. Hey all... Recently, map Esbekistan is out, and i'm wonder how (if) could i make insurgency for it (MP COOP ofc). I was google'ing (lol) for it but without avail. Also for Afgan, Clafghan & Razani or is there any?
  9. Strela2M

    Esbekistan Map v.1.0 20x20

    Is there a any missions for it yet ?