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The name is Bond .. Bob Bond!

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The name is Bond .. BoB Bond

but you can call me BB


I am sure I am not the only Bond fan here ..

I like stealth games where both the predator and prey display .. high level of IQ (higher than AI anyway)


A double agent spy has slept with the general's wife and got his hands on some senstive .. information! Now American General wants him dead! He has dispatched SF team behind enemy lines to track him and kill him! The Spy has also double crossed the Russians and now they have also dispatched a spetsnaz team to track him down and kill him. To make things worse, he just crashed his car and the General's wife with him did not survive!

Now with a dead woman and a crashed car, he has to deal with the Russians, American SF, spetsnaz and police after his head!

To make things worse, the poor soul (SPY) does not know, a GPS has been placed on him without his knowledge. Now both killer teams have locked on his GPS signal and will hunt him down!

Only chance for survival, is for the spy is to make it back to a friendly ally base, located 5 KM up north.

Ok now more about the actual mission:

This is a Co-op PvP missions (1 Human player vs. 7 Human players vs. AI)

Spy= Human Player hunted by Americans, Russian Army, Russian Police and Spetsnas!

American SF= Human players (up to 7) Will locat spy via GPS marker on map that is updated every 30 seconds. They have to watchout for the Russian Patrols in area plus the spetznas team! Once they close to SPY's base up north they have to watch out for Northern Patrols!

Russian Army= AI Patrol roads looking for him while UAVs and Helicopters search for him (and any americans)

Spetznas Team= AI team also locked on GPS signal from SPY and is hunting him down.

Russian Police= Police cars on patrol looking for SPY

The SPY has only one life - like most of us (ie no respawn) so better be good at hide and seek!

He also has time bombs (use for setting up traps) and long scope weapon!

2 small Addons needed (included with mission):

- sen_weapons

- FastRope

Mission v1.5:


- The spy who loved too many (@) v1.5


- http://www.filefront.com/14524497/The_SPY.rar

Good luck Mr Bob Bond!

Any feed back is welcome!

Next release version: SPY will have a self healing kit (revive) to improve his odds (from 1:100 to 1:98) :D

Edited by CaptainBravo

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hi Bravo, had a go at it, played it and in was good, first time I playes as Mr.Bond and it took me 30 min to reach the base without shooting a single shot, had to hide couple off times when UAV and chopper started to circle around my pos,but didn make any contact with Spetnaz, but i didn go look for them 2. I just made my way trough the forrests and hills to the base, avoiding villages and towns and roads.

Second time i tried the US-side, but playing solo was no fun so it didn last long.

Only thing i noticed is that the GPS-marker on Bond dont move from start pos

even when i got to base it was still at start(mayby he dont suppose to see it?)


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Sgt.Spoetnik thanks for feed back.

You need at least 2 players to play mission, was as SPY other American AS team other wise they will not move.

The Spetznas do move, rather very quick too, you must have been quicker! :)

Ideally you want to finsih mission without firing a shot, as firing will get you attention that you do not need.

Marker should move, we tested in MP and it was moving every 30 second. The only case it would move if you play SF leader, the SPY will not move (because he is supposed to be human player)

Next version will have a few revsions and surpises ..

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My applogies, you were right I forgot to change marker name with the release version. That is fixed along with a couple of "enhancments"!

Will release new version soon.


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I am begining to think there are not many James Bond fans on here ..

Anyway, here is a new version, with a few enhancments and it is offered in daytime and night time version.

Chanes to version 1.5:

- Civilian hospitals for spy to use since he has no respawn.

- Smarter AI that hunts SPY and West more aggressively.

- More patrols near roads.

- Spetsnz now will utilize UAV to find you!

- Fast reaction team that will be inserted if spy is detected!

- Fixed Marker.

Edited by CaptainBravo

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Hmm .. any feedback? good or areas for improvment :confused:

Perhaps adding "beer and naked women" to title would get more feedback! :)

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