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SP/MP Cooperative Mission pack

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Hello everybody,

I have prepared three cooperative missions compatible with both SP and MP. Some of them have their briefing in spanish, so I will quick comment them below. Next versions will probably include english briefings.

Download link:


(feel free to upload it to your servers)

Mirrors (thanks for uploading):


Co14 Hammer Head


An airstrike, disembark on the beach and a coordinated land assault to destroy an enemy supply base. It was a simple plan for the HQ officers but it turned to be a hell for troops. If you like the extreme action you will enjoy the insertion using boats, provided that you survive to see it...


1. Destroy enemy HQ in the base

2. Destroy enemy UAV in the base

3. Kill enemy base commander


Base surroundings are mined

Co20 Steel Fury


The russians have deployed their armours in a town and you have to clear that town and destroy the tanks and base assets.


1. Destroy enemy firebase

2. Destroy enemy armours parked in the town

3. Destroy enemy HQ in the town


Town area is mined and enemy will call reinforcements if they spot you unless you destroy their communications assets (generator and antenna; this is not a mission task itself but should be taken into account during your planning). Mortars can be loaded, transported and deployed using the convoy truck stopped in the road (ask the convoy officer) and players can target them via arty module (action appears to player when gets in as gunner). To load convoy mortars you have to clear mines on the road in front of the convoy first (only engineers can deactivate them). Two players have special features: Commander (calls arty strikes) and Air Operations Officer (calls air strikes). You can also call medical, ammo and repair support to the convoy if road was cleared (units are configured with "support" waypoints)

CO24 Lost in Translation (english briefing)


A chopper is downed. You need to help the crew to escape from the area and destroy AA guns which shot the chopper down.


1. Help crew to extract from crashsite

2. Destroy AA guns


Downed crew has no map and no weapons. They must find their way to a safe location. Crashsite is randomly placed. AA guns follow random routes. Civilians may help you (read briefing intel).

I hope you enjoy them.



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