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LSD Missionpack

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*** Update.

I worked in the last few months on a few campaign like missions. They are all build for 10 players, but you can manage to win most of them alone or with 1-2 other people.

The storyline:

Its after the war in chernarussia. US, Russian and the local CDF forces try to hold the unstable peace on the island.


The new missions (are all named a2rw_co10_pk..; first mission is number 1 and its ends with mission 91, 92..). The story is not complete.. more missions are just in building :) )

They are all without respawn, only squadrespawn is avaible... so play it as a team or well planed ;)

Other new missions (also NO-Respawn Missions):

- co10_SAF

- co10_woods

Forced_Landing (not a brilliant one i know, but also funny)

(following missions are "standalone" and have nothing to do with the "campaign" missions):

a2rw_co06_b.Chernarus.pbo a2rw_co06_c.Chernarus.pbo



Download (new link): http://www.eatmyshorts.ch/LSDA2Missions_v0.2.rar

Also included as on v0.1 a few TDM Missions (for teamwork only ;) )

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Campaign Missions (detail informations).

Generally: There is no spawn script stuff in it.. everything is placed manually to a specific location. Why? Because if you spawn it will never look as great as you place it yourself.. its i guess same amount of work but these missions are all very detailed!!













Chernarussia is a small land near the russian border. The government had a long time a problem with the communistic opposition till one day the started an armed struggle against the democratic elected government. The local army forces (Chernarussia Defence Forces (CDF)) was not able to hold the public safety so they asked the united nation to send in a peacekeeping forces. The UN asked the russians and americans for help. Both sides sended a few of their men to chernarussia.

Soon a multinational base was build up on the main airfield.

You will take place in a UN Peacekeeping special forces group and help to hold the breakable peace in the area! (Also in a few missions you will switch side to the rebel army..)

A few small impressions:






How to play this: If possible with other human players, a few missions are pretty hard a few easy to play.. but everything is realistic, i mean you wont see a rebel group attacking you with 100 hinds, tanks and such stuff.. :) )

I suggest to play it on veteran mod!

Btw we played all mission with 3 players and it worked... a few also with 2 players

This missions are based on a few real peacekeeping scenaries (e.g. set up a medical care zone for civilians and that stuff)

Map speciality: A few roads are closed (marked with red rectangles and roadblock.. this area is closed down for civilians, so engage at will )

Tell me what you think about it. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Hi Falseprophet,

Thank you very much for your missions. We played several of them on the CiA server and I can say they are fun, professional and interesting.

Are you planning to release some more missions? I really hope you do, the Arma 2 community calls for more talented missions makers like yourself, especially for ones that don't use respawn or revives and keep the mission realistic and serious.

Really expecting to more of your work,

Variable [CiA]

p.s you might want to think over your missions names. when searching for a mission to play from a list of many they don't "come up". More attractive names can make a big difference...

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