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Vista Vs XP 8800 series

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First off I made a dual boot of XP and Vista

My system specs are:

6600 2.4ghz OC to 3.2ghz

OCZ 800mhz 2x 1gig


600W psu




Vsync OFF

Antialiasing OFF

Anisotropic OFF

Apsec Ratio 16:10

Resolution 1680x1050

VisualDistance 2800m

Terrain High

Object High

Texture High

Post Process High

Shadow Normal

Tested a simple fire fight inside a large City

XP Performance: Version 1.06

Fast Loadup

Average 45FPS

No LOD issues with quick test

Xp Performance: Version 1.07fix

Fast loadup

Average 40FPS

No LOD issues

Vista Performance: Version 1.06

Very slow loadup compared to XP

Average 28FPS

Did have quick LOD issues at first

It actually crashed once out of a few test..

Vista Performance: Version 1.07Fix

Slow loadup

Average 25FPS

No LOD issues from the quick test.

And also crashed once after several test.

Seems like im playing ArmA on XP for now on.. Seemed to solve some bad performance issues

You need this nifty program to edit the boot.ini if you installed vista before xp... If you install xp then vista you shouldnt need this program to edit it.


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This has been known for quite some time. Pretty much every game played on Vista (DX9) is going to have some performance issues vs. XP performance.

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Yea I knew it was known I just wanted to get more detailed on the difference. Knowing the FPS with each OS explains alot rather than just knowing performance sucks on vista.

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You need this nifty program to choose which OS to boot from


Off Topic: I didn't need any program... Vista will create a "boot.ini" of sorts that automatically will let you select which OS to boot into... rather than install some 3rd party program I'd let the OS's do their own work. Just something else to muddle up your install.

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@SniperDoc I tried that ran into problems, after searching I found out if you install vista first then xp you will need a 3rd party program cause xp will overwrite the bootini

Edit: Forgot to say that u dont use the 3rd party addon to change between OS, you use it to install the vista boot up files.. This allows you to basically edit the boot files then you can decide which to boot in

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Yea Ill check those drivers and report back. Actually I noticed something else that can be running down my vista side.

There is scanningprocess.exe running in my memory, disk, and processing, I checked my resource monitoring, this can have a large effect cause 8% of processing is going to this. Not sure if this is indexing, or Zone Alarm (which is turned off)... Ill try and turn some of these proceses off and try again.

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