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    Modding Tools information...

    Mate, Making ArmA addons via the OFP tools are shithouse. I'm sorry that you dont have a good system to handle this new software, but alot of people do. I've seen some very gifted modellers use the OFP tools to create addons into ArmA, and mate their shithouse. This news should be a life saver for addon makers, so we can get some decent models into ArmA. And what's with this "I hate this news.." crap, what are you a homosexual? Live it up a little, these releases will help alot of people, and make others cry, such as yourself.
  2. The_Nebula

    Modding Tools information...

    Well, if they said they will be released next week, why should there be download links? And yes, they are rumours, but I 'really' hope that they are true and we get confirmation from BIS/IDEA.
  3. The_Nebula

    Modding Tools information...

    Read it here; http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1543 Link to Offical source: http://www.hrej.cz/novinky....diskuse Interesting... Post comments here.
  4. The_Nebula

    ADF Mod gone ArmA

    Hey rico - any updates? Also, can you get the pics of the tiger and upload somewhere else as the opflash.org server seems to be down...
  5. lol. we all make mistakes.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to port a ADF ASLAV that my clan used in OFP to ArmA.. EDIT: Found Crewman name - but now ArmA crashes as soon as it loads (once i place the aslav down it editor, it loads full, then crashes) Also, when i place it on the map, nothing shows up... its just a white space sorta thing... - and with the vehicleClass = "CAF Armour"; - it shows up as nothing, and has a error when u go into units in editor... any help will be appreciated.. Here's the config - I just tried to do it, ive never done any of this before, can someone look at it and show me what to change Thanks
  7. The_Nebula

    Warfare Designs

    Hey VXR, I sent you a PM. But would the mod 'ADF Armoury' be able to use your Aussie units in our mod with the weapons we've made? Thanks.
  8. The_Nebula

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Looking very nice! Any idea of a BETA or a 0.1 release? This mod is looking very sexy, can't wait!
  9. AIF 2TROOP welcomes; OCDT Cameron McDonald LCPL JohnHodge SnTPR Antipop TPR Kris TPR Dismembered TPR Raaaagh TPR Lysander TPR ErAsEr TPR Persuader AIF 3TROOP welcomes; OCDT Wittmann CPL Vass TPR MonkeyBrain TPR Nathan TPR Damo TPR Cameron TPR Grug TPR DigSAS AIF 2 TROOP splits into two seperate troops, 2 and 3 troop. Order of battle of both troops are above. [AIF]'s ArmA Server:
  10. Hey all, I just finished a massive mission, and 'Exported' it to Single Missions. The mission shows up ingame no problem, but I cant see to find where the .pbo of it is... I've been told its My Docs > ArmA > missions, but in that folder there isnt anything... In the ArmA > missions directory, it doesnt show up either... Any ideas? Disregard, found it!
  11. The_Nebula

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I have the 8800gts 320mb version and vista, and nothing is wrong with mine. I use the 160.02 beta drivers.
  12. The_Nebula

    Update Website?

    Hey BIS, just wondering whether you're going to update the offical armedassault.com site with the new patch? I still see in the downloads page 1.08..? Just a heads up.
  13. The_Nebula

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    No, for European versions, you must patch to 1.05, then to 1.08. Sorry for any inconvience.
  14. The_Nebula

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Thanks for the headsup DarkPhantom and neswrossi. Original post updated.