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[AIF] Australian International Force

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the <span style='color:#808000'>Australian International Force</span>.

We are a group with an illustrious and lengthy history, founded in November 2004 as an Operation Flashpoint gaming group. In the years since then, the AIF has evolved into an efficient, effective, proffessional and thoroughly enjoyable mechanism for operating within Operation Flashpoint, and now, Armed Assault.

The AIF prides itself on a solid set of fundamental ideals, philosophies and proffessional practices which enable us to function and challenge ourselves as a group. Like the Australian Army, we value three ideals above all else; COURAGE, INITIATIVE & TEAMWORK, and along with proffessionalism and integrity, we strive in all we do to achieve these.

Before I continue expanding on my explanation of what the AIF is and what we are about, below is our forum link where you can lodge enquiries or applications to join, and our TeamSpeak server IP.

Australian International Force

<span style='color:#9ACD32'>AIF Teamspeak 2</span> : teamshare.no-ip.info:8767

The AIF is organised along a flexible, malleable structure which allows our troops to enjoy the game and function as a cohesive unit regardless of who or how many AIF Troopers turn up for a game. Whether it be 2 or 2000, the structure of the AIF has been tried and tested accross years of gameplay. We utilise POOL units and FIXED units, POOL units being temporary formations built from whoever turns up to a game. Fixed units are larger units in the Order of Battle from which the pool units are put together. Part of AIF training involves quickly and effortlessly creating and utilising pool units for game to game specifications.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Pool Units</span>

Element(2) - A 2 Trooper formation consisting of an Element Leader and a Number 2. The basic building block of all AIF doctrine and operations, elements are able to operate alone, self-sufficient and completing various objectives if required. More usually, however, they are joined together into larger units for more complicated taskings.

Fireteam(4) - The Fireteam is a 2 Element grouping which contains two elements. One of the element leaders is appointed as the FireTeam Leader, and the other element leader as 2IC.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Fixed Units</span>

Troop(16) - The Troop is the primary fixed unit in the AIF, a group of players with a commander and 2IC. Troops conduct their own administration and training, which guidance from HQ. As a consequence, troops gain their own identity and specialities, and give many oppurtunities for members to experience leadership and responsibility. Troops also set and achieve their own objectives ingame, with HQ providing guidance and support.

Using our unique system of pool and fixed units, we can rapidly build and break up units as they are required. All our members are eminently experienced in this process, and are constantly working with different team members, rather than being stuck in the same unit every game. It also allows many more oppurtunities for members to experience command positions.

<span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:olive'>AIF SQUADRON</span></span>

<span style='color:black'>CO:</span> MAJ Bond

<span style='color:black'>2IC:</span>

<span style='color:black'>CSM:</span> SGT DeKiller

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:olivedrab'>1 TROOP</span></span> (OFP)

<span style='color:black'>TL:</span> 2LT White_Wolf

<span style='color:black'>T2:</span> LCPL Vass

TPR Rommel

TPR Wittmann

TPR Persuader

TPR Disco Stu

TPR Eazy

TPR JohnHodge

TPR Duke

TPR MoneyPenny

TPR Antipop

TPR Sgt_Savage

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:olivedrab'>2 TROOP</span></span> (ArmA)

<span style='color:black'>TL:</span> CPL Rommel

<span style='color:black'>T2:</span> TPR Vass

TPR Antipop

TPR Lysander

RCT Damo

<span style='color:olivedrab'>AIF Reserve Troop</span>


TPR ZeroTZero


TPR Romanov

TPR Polish GI


RCT Clarkey

The AIF utilises a ranking structure used in the correct manner, not as eye-candy for members who like shiny rank images. Ranks are tied inextricably to POSITIONS, and there are never more people of a certain rank than are required to fill the positions required. For example, a Troop requires ONE officer and ONE senior NCO, and a troop never contains more than this. Our members are educated in the need for rank balance and responsible use, and very frequently are reassigned as lower ranks as required or not required. Positions are what we are more concerned about than rank, and members are appointed to positions based on the completion of required training courses, and demonstration of the skills required. Leaders are in their positions of leadership because they have been instructed on their role and responsibility and have demonstrated an ability to carry it out. Those who do not are reassigned to roles that better suit their skills and abilities, not as a negative process, but one aimed at putting the best person for the position in that position.

AIF Ranking Structure

We also have a system of awards which recognise particular effort or achievement of members or groups of members. Awards are for good work, ranks and positions for ability.

Moving away from the administrative side of things, I would like to outline the training and gaming experience you are likely to expect in the AIF.

<span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>AIF TRAINING</span>

The AIF Training system is challenging and continuous, with all AIF members constantly working towards new goals and achievements.

Training begins with the AIF Induction Course. (AIFIC) This course is also known as MODULE I.

The AIFIC aims to instruct members in the basic procedures, style and tactics of the International Forces. The objective is to teach recruits how to operate as an effective TEAM MEMBER within the AIF.

Its content includes,

*Foundation communications & RATEL (Radio Telecomunications Procedure)

*Battlefield movement and awareness

*Basic marksmanship & weapon handling

*Loadouts and kitting procedures

*AIF Procedures and command structure (Elements, Fireteams, Troops)

*Foundation Infantry Tactics


-Contact drills

-Section attacks & Break Contact

-Pivoting and Peeling




At the conclusion of the AIFIC, a successful recruit will earn their readiness badge. Unsuccessful recruits will remain RCT's, and may re-try the course at any time.


Awarding of Readiness badge

Promotion to 'Trooper'

[AIF] Tags

After completing Module I, AIF members then move on to complete advanced and specialist training at their leisure. There are no time limits or requirements to complete this training, rather members are encouraged to work on what interests them at their leisure.

Following modules include,

<span style='color:#FF0000'>2.</span> Battle Skills [iI]

<span style='color:#FF8C00'>3.</span> ATW Course [iII]

<span style='color:#808000'>4.</span> Scouting & Reconaisance [iV]

<span style='color:#000000'>5.</span> Specialisation [V]

Module V, Specialisation, generates the most interest and focus. Here AIF Troopers develop specific specialist skills to work as a specialist operator within their team.

These specialist qualifications include,





*Pilot (Rotary & Fixed Wing)


*Airborne Operator (Parachute Wings)

*Waterborne Operator

*Armoured Operator

Leadership specialisations (Which are required to gain the corresponding rank and/or position. Leadership qualifications can be held without rank, for example we have TPRs qualified up to Fireteam Leaders)

*Element Leader

*Fireteam Leader

*Troop Leader

Every 'Qualification' is earned through completing specific courses and exercises designed to develop and demonstrate the required skills.

Although this process sounds very complicated and boring, all courses are designed to be interesting and enjoyable. They ensure our leaders know how to lead, and our specialists know how to do their jobs. This process creates a balanced and well trained team that can rely on itself for success. AIF units contain a mixture of skills and abilities, and no member is ever locked into a specific role for their time in AIF. Unlike other groups we do not have Support units in our Orbat, rather we use qualified members as we require specialist roles fulfilled. Obviously by qualifying with a specialisation, you will be chosen if that specialisation is required, so if you like flying, get your wings and you will be called first to operate aircraft. What this system does, however, is ensure that our members consider themselves infantry troopers first, and regularly operate as infantry troopers to maintain their edge and skills at the sharp end on the ground. Qualifications are a lot of fun to learn and earn, are taught by experienced instructors, and all AIF members thoroughly enjoy completing them.

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#FF0000'>How to Join up or get involved?</span></span>

If you are interested in what you have read here and are interested in joining the AIF, please head to the link below and fill out the very short form. An AIF member will very promptly be in touch and help you continue the process. We are very quick to process our recruits and get them trained and into units, so you will not bog down in admin - Our primary goal is to get you PLAYING THE GAME with the AIF as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Also, although our membership is primary located in Australia/NZ, we very much welcome applications from around the world. Some of our longest serving members have hailed from The United Kingdom, USA, Canada and other nations. We are truly, an International Force.

<span style='color:#FF0000'>2TROOP AIF (ArmA) Recruiting</span>

If you would like to learn more about the AIF before taking the short step into our ranks, I encourage you to contact one of our members and ask them about the AIF. Below are some contact details for some of our members who will be more than willing to help you out.

MAJ Bond (Commanding Officer, AIF) warm_cow@hotmail.com

CPL Rommel (Troop Commander, 2TROOP, AIF ArmA) rommelvonrichtofen@hotmail.com

2LT White Wolf (Troop Commander, 1TROOP, AIF OFP) - brentcramb101@hotmail.com

LCPL Vass (2IC, 2TROOP, AIF ArmA) - sir.lagalot.thegreat@gmail.com

TPR Antipop (Trooper, 2TROOP, AIF ArmA) - hurley.matt@gmail.com

Thankyou for your time and consideration, on behalf of the entire AIF team, we hope to see you with us soon!


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AIF 2TROOP welcomes;

OCDT Cameron McDonald

LCPL JohnHodge

SnTPR Antipop

TPR Kris

TPR Dismembered

TPR Raaaagh

TPR Lysander


TPR Persuader

AIF 3TROOP welcomes;

OCDT Wittmann

CPL Vass

TPR MonkeyBrain

TPR Nathan

TPR Damo

TPR Cameron

TPR Grug


AIF 2 TROOP splits into two seperate troops, 2 and 3 troop. Order of battle of both troops are above. smile_o.gif

[AIF]'s ArmA Server:

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