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Armed Assault LAN in Norway

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Hosted by - CLAN ACAT & Nopryl

Primary Details

Thursday: Meet in Oslo thursday evening

Arrival late thursday, hang out, get yourself ready.

Some late night supper

Get to know eachother

Friday:Get up play, play, play, maybe time for a REAL snowball war!!, play play until you drop.

Saturday: play, eat, drink, play, eat, drink, play...you how it goes.

Sunday playing stops around 1400. Pack up the bus, and departarture around 1500-1600 to the airport, train- and bus terminal.


The Norvegian Winter LAN (NWL), in details:


The gathering starts at friday morning, the

Total cost

1500,- NOK ~ 180€ ~ 122 GBP (approx.)


A three bed room with shower and toilet (you share a room with another one) from friday to sunday

Food for all three days (included breakfast, lunch, dinner and something at night)

Several very good gameservers

An organized gathering

Transport from Oslo Sentralbanestasjon (central station) or Gardermoen Airport

...and back

You need to bring:

Computer (and everything it needs to work)



Camel Blue for Rawhide wink_o.gif

An appetite for Sjabas cooking

...and the urge to play & have fun

We will pick you up at the airport, thursday evening. This means you will have to get yourself to Gardermoen Airport.

It's also possible to get to Oslo Sentralbanestasjon (Oslo Centrum) by bus or train. We will also have a pickup here. We will try to get as many monitors we can, so you probably won't have to bring it on the plane.

The drive from your LZ to the place we're staying is approximately 4 hours, so bring some beer and music to go on the ride. We will try to get a bus for this trip so it would be a nice tour. I can promise you some really nice, norvegian scenery on the way up. The graphic up here is beautiful during wintertime...

So, what's the whole thing about, anyway?

Well, we have got ourself a real nice place in the very bush of Norway. We will rent the whole place from friday to sunday. It's an old three floor building with plenty of space for us to play on. In the first floor, there are enough rooms for 44 people. But on the ground floor, we have a bi kitchen, space to play & eat, and hang out.

Regarding the cost, it may be a bit cheaper when we get everything booked.

So dont hesitate, people from all over europe have already signed up, this is an exclusive event and there are limitied tickets. You dont want to miss Europes first LAN party smile_o.gif

Go register at www.clan-acat.com and sign your name on the forums, this is not binding but then you will receive som additional information.


I wish you welcome to our LAN

Best Regards

ACAT & NOpryl

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