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adding new fonts

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i know this is an old question, but as yet hasn't been answered

has anyone been able to open the .fxy files found in the dta folder

or has anyone any idea how to add new fonts

previous messages point to Finmod having done this, but if anything, all they seem to have done is altered existing files, not create new ones

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Thx a lot, at least thats a start

Content of file

Quote[/b] ]

Fxy file format description by OFPInternals

(182 total words in this text)

(17 Reads)

fxy - Font description file, contains records of TCharDescr structures:

// C-style

typedef struct {

u2 wCharCode;

u2 wTextureFileNum;

u2 wX;

u2 wY;

u2 wWidth;

u2 wHeight;

} TCharDescr;

// Pascal-style

TCharDescr = packed record

wCharCode: Word;

wTextureFileNum: Word;

wX: Word;

wY: Word;

wWidth: Word;

wHeight: Word;



wCharCode - character code: 65 for 'A', 32 for SPACE (' 'wink_o.gif.

wTextureFileNum - number of texture file:

if font name is "CourierNewB64" then font description file name is "CourierNewB64.fxy", first texture file is "CourierNewB64-01.paa", second is "CourierNewB64-02.paa". String format is "%s.fxy" for font description file and "%s-%02d.paa" for texture file.

wX, wY - Top-left Corner of char on the texture;

wWidth, wHeight - Width and Height of char on the texture;

Texture used for the font must have following format:

8bit - Brightness (all with 255 value - "white");

8bit - Alpha (255 for character, 0 for space);

(file signature is 0x8080).

For example, font CourierNewB64:

- texture max LOD is 256x256;

- there are 224 chars with code from 32 to 255 in 2 files;

- chars 32-173 located in CourierNewB64-01.paa;

- chars 174-255 located in CourierNewB64-02.paa;

- smallest char is ' ' (code 32), wX=0, wY=0, wWidth=1, wHeight=1;

- biggest char is '_' (code 95), wX=160, wY=128, wWidth=18, wHeight=30.

If anyone could shed some more light on this, explain things a biot more, i would appreciate it

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