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Operation sender green

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I think the concept of Clancy's Sender Green is simple, and it can be applied to any tactical sim like Arma 3. You insert one SEAL at the camp. Then you send in Recon Marines and some gunship support to rescue the 20 prisoners. You can use vanilla Arma 3 to set something like that up.

Forget the era (Vietnam), and think about the mission concept!

The important thing: the SEAL has to travel up a river to an elevated perch by the prison camp. You could use the minisub or just one dude in SEAL gear up a river. Set up recon. Then call in the attack. Maybe throw in some random patrols to make it interesting each time.

As a multiplayer Co-Op this would be ideal. You've got at least 13 aircrew slots, possibly more considering the size of the package (20 POWs). That would be at least 3 transports and 2 gunships. At least a dozen marine recon spots. One sneaky type that infiltrates from water. With good voice comms, this would be an excellent multiplayer co-op experience.

You could also run something like this on ZUES to make it really interesting. In any case. A great objective based operation in my opinion in any multiplayer form.

I'm tempted to dust off my OFP scripting skills and make this one myself. It's too good to pass up.

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