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Aussie Arcade Arma - Casual Fun

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we are a casual milsim outfit aiming to provide a no frills & no bullshit experience. we get in action as soon as possible, keeping you awake after a 50+ hour work week and despise 3 hour long bootcamps & 45min briefings. we play as a wide variety of factions in a broad timeframe (WW2, Cold War, Present-day, Scifi, 1800s); playing various objectives from destruction, humanitarian aid, hostage rescue, airborne assault, armor warfare, etc. we focus on using CDLCs to achieve maximum potential out of a 11 year old game while maintaining high performance/stability. a fantastic experience with us depends on you having a positive attitude & strong teamwork etiquette.




-own all 6 CDLCs or have downloaded them in mod form (Compatibility Data Packs) for free. we actively use CDLCs, ACE, Aegis/Atlas, Vanilla retexture mods, etc.


-21 years old and over. however if you are younger and can display a good level of maturity, you are welcomed


-have a good understanding of military hardware & history to enable us to conduct unique scenarios. if you dont know much, we are more than happy to help you


-atleast 300h in Arma 3. while we are more than happy to help/guide newbies getting into Arma 3, we just dont have time to hold your hand through the entire journey


-good teamwork etiquette. we dont want rambos & selfish players


-based in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and surroundings) but open to International players


-good sense of humour. avoid us if youre easily offended


https://discord.gg/s8Hu3fm5rm (link will never expire)

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