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Vehicals needed

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My needed vehicals list.

Semis- Got to have the semis, for hauling goods, and sheer pleasure

Trains- Another way to transport goods

Pickups- Yet another way to transport goods and off-roading

Aircraft Carriers- You HAVE to have the A.C.s, for missions and training, also for refueling, repairs, and healing, also have working elevators and space to store planes

Planes- If it isn't A big world, don't make huge ass boeing 747s, thats just uncalled for, unless it's Flight Simulator with huge ass worlds, don't add huge ass commercial airliners

Cars- Ferraris, Bikes, Lamborghinis, Hondas, Nissans, Corvettes, and Pro Race Cars (you also need to make a race track, for racing)

Thats about all, missed a few things but, bet in other threads, they mentioned them, YOU GOTA MAKE EM!

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they are more "want" than "need" L;):

though trains are something id love to see "officially" supported

though some of what you mentioned could and have been quite easily made by mod makers... mechanic made loads of cars awhile back if i remember

oh and just got to make sure these things actually fit on the map in the first place tounge_o.gif

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