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  1. Rex-Mundi

    Navy poll

    Good work
  2. Rex-Mundi

    Navy poll

    I also need this(New toy from the dutch navy:D)
  3. Rex-Mundi

    Better transport support

    That would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Rex-Mundi

    Weapons requests

    This sort of thing
  5. Rex-Mundi

    More cheats

    NO CHEATS. Cheats are sooooooo lame
  6. Rex-Mundi

    Navy poll

    I need this: :
  7. Rex-Mundi

    Vehicals needed

    A sub like this would be soooooooooo cool
  8. Rex-Mundi

    Call for support

    That would be very handy, the ability to call in a airstrike
  9. Rex-Mundi

    New natural enviroment

    Sorry but it's a nice flag. Vraagjuh ben jij nederlander?
  10. Rex-Mundi

    Urban combat

    That's a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rex-Mundi


    It would make the game so difficult. After a dogfight you would have to land your plane and repair everything? And what i've you get a flat tire with your jeep?
  12. Rex-Mundi

    About cars n then bikes...

    I can't believe it. I'm on my way to attack a columme of T80's and suddenly i'm pulled over by the police for speeding. Its insane man!
  13. Rex-Mundi

    I need....

    Here's a few things that could be really usefull or just fun: * Bigger teams with 20 or 30 soldiers instead of 12 * The abality to drop 30 or more soldiers with a C130 * The ability to cross rivers without drowing!! * Bigger islands with more city's * More weather effects like snow or high winds * the ability to call in a airstrike or a barrage * the ability to shout at your soldiers and that the obey your shouts * More naval unites like hoovercrafts, destroyers and SUBMARINES that can dive and fire!!! * That you can let your helo hover and drop a rope and that your soldiers go down that way * More objects for defence like concrete bunkers, wires, mines
  14. Rex-Mundi

    New natural enviroment

    i would be fun i've the tanks had problems when i'ts verry cold... for example: Imaginge a US base. -10 degrees celcius. at morning the tank crew climb into there tanks...and that the tanks don't start or that they would have other problems
  15. Rex-Mundi


    it would be handy that you can cross a river in ofp2 without drowning after a few secondes!!!!