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Runway texture

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The ones from O.pbo are all paa's and start with runpi_ (for desert) or runtr_ (for grass around them) .  After the underscore there's one letter.  The taxi way textures are rollpi1, rollpi2, and rollpi3.  All of those taxiways have desert around them, and I don't think there are any w/ green(I don't think the airport in NE Nogova has taxiways), though if I'm wrong somebody please correct me.

I'm not sure what the ones from data.pbo are, and I really don't want to go through 5,000 files this late at night. They might be named something similar.

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The original rumway textures are called:

rw.paa - runway piece

rw1.paa - taxiway piece

rw2.paa - taxiway piece

rw3.paa - taxiway piece

rw4.paa - taxiway piece

rw5.paa - taxiway piece

rwb.paa - runway,approach end

rwe.paa - runway, other end

rwn.paa - runway piece, taxiway join

rwr.paa - runway piece

These can be found in the Eden.pbo and also Abel.pbo.

However rw.paa is not present in Abel.pbo.

There is a problem with using either rw.paa or rwr.paa, I can't remember which one works fine and which one has problems.

If you have problems using one, change it for the other, as they look exactly the same.


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Those textures are still in those PBOs if that's what you mean.

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