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Kellys Heroes Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Dedicated Server

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As a long standing Arma community, Kellys Heroes has hosted public Arma servers for well over a 15 years. 
In that time our community has grown and shrunk in equal measure.

So why am I writing this post?,  why should you care now?.
Recently we have reinstated our old Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead dedicated server. We missed the feel that OA brought to the Arma series and we really wanted to play it again.

Now YOU can too, it's public and online right now, we'd love to get some games going with you all.

Obviously with the demise of Armaholic it's not easy to get hold of the right Arma2 addons needed to join our server so we have created a little archive of the required addon downloads available right here
If you get stuck please do join our Discord server, we'll be happy to help you in anyway we can.

If you have what you need and just want to connect to our Arma2 Operation Arrowhead dedicated server the details are below, we're hosting many classic multiplayer co-operative games from classics like 'Air Cav', 'Operation Nightstrike' and  'The Longest Day'.

-=Kellys Heroes=- Public A2OA ACE (req:1.64.144629)
Server IP:
Port: 2802



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