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AWR - Advanced Wound Reaction

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AWR - Advanced Wound Reaction

by [79AD] S. Spartan / [79AD] O. Forest


I'm happy to announce a new mod that was created by me in collaboration with O. Forest. For our events we needed an improvement for the ACE3 unconsciousness so that people would still be able to interact with others but unable to actually fight. So I was asked if it's possible to create our own mod that extends the system of ACE3.

In the current state the mod uses the perceived pain level from ACE3 to determine if a unit will be incapacitated. If that's the case the unit won't be able to use the weapons but the handgun based on a chance. You will then be able to crawl to a medic for medical attention. The pain can be reduced as usual by using the morphine. Be aware to not overdose! 😉



  • configurable behavior for pain reaction
  • reaction for AI and players
  • configurable chance to pull out handgun while incapacitated
  • ability for AI to drop and pick up their weapons after being hit






  • make an option to get triggered by damage threshold, making it possible to completely replace the default ACE unconscious state.
  • more reactions to different wounds
  • option for AI surrendering after losing their gun


Always happy for feedback in any means.


Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894821376

Github: https://github.com/Spartan190/Adv_Wound_Reaction


Special thanks

to [79AD] O. Forest for encouraging on making this mod and the [79AD] team for testing

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