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Strange animation issue in a plane model.

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I face some weird animation issues in my addon. It's a plane I ported to A2 several years ago and then tried to port it into A3 but without much success at that time. 
But, I gave it another go yesterday. Now, when rigged in OB, animated selections in shadow and Geo LODs are working while the same selections in Res LOD - are not. What's more interesting, the same happens in-game - with one exception ie. when the plane is flying everything works as intended (lol). The very moment the plane touches the ground, all animations (flaps, wheels, etc.) stop working and instantly return to their starting position, they won't move again until I take off again.
I suspected that the old version of P3D, I have the plane in, might be the main reason for that magic trick. So, I copy&pasted all LODs into a newly created empty P3D - no luck. Sections/hidden selections were temporarily inactivated - no luck. 
Of course, I checked A3Tools against the consistency of its files, and my other addons I was working on recently, are OK - both in OB and in-game. My next suspect is the "old materials used" flags in RPT, similar to the old problem Eggbeast had with his machinegun for Unsung back in 2016. I really curious if someone ever faced such an issue and knows how to fix it.

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