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Need some advice about deleting sentry waypoints and making a waypoint completion after a specific time has elapsed ?

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I am looking for a solution a workaround with an few issues I am Having with a script that I use in a lot of my missions.  Is there a way to delete any sentry waypoints that are randomly generated from a script. For example can I put a code in a trigger or gamelogic with something like this see below. To delete any sentry waypoint for specific units in my mission. And is there a way to have a waypoint to be completed after a specific amount of time has elapsed. For example if a vehicle is issued a move waypoint but can't reach it destination because of environmental obstacles ie heavy forests ect can I put a code that will make the waypoint completion done after like 5 minutes attempting to reach the destination.


if(count waypoints sentry >0)then{

{deleteWaypoint((waypoints sentry)select 0);}forEach waypoints sentry;};







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