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Possible Map Update/Upload bug (workbench)

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I have been stuck with my map only showing as a 2.9MB file size in the game workshop for over 2 months now can't seem to find a fix for this. Thought I would report this as a bug if this is the right place for that.

as shown in my screenshot below It shows as a 2.9MB file size when My map is pretty large and should be a few hundred megabytes to at least 1 more gigabytes in size. this is not the case. If this is a bug I hope it gets fixed soon or if there's something I am doing wrong.

Anyway I figured I would report this as a bug just in case it could be a one off bug that's persistent with my map or something else not too sure. the screenshot is below to show that it is indeed 2.9MB in file size.

Screenshot of file size



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