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Weapon Event Handler example needed

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I'm trying to get an event to trigger when a weapon is fired.
I have added an EventHandlerManagerComponent and then my own scripted component (code below) to a cloned m16 weapon entity.

The "weapontestPOSTINIT", "weapontestEINIT" and "weapontestADDEVENT" are all printed after initialization.
However, when I pick up the weapon and fire it, the event method is not run and "testEVENT" is not printed.

What's wrong with my setup?

class EHJ_WeaponEventComponentClass:ScriptComponentClass

class EHJ_WeaponEventComponent: ScriptComponent
	private EventHandlerManagerComponent m_EventHandlerManagerComponent;
	override protected void OnPostInit(IEntity owner)
		owner.SetFlags(EntityFlags.ACTIVE, true);
		SetEventMask(owner, EntityEvent.ALL);
	override protected void EOnInit(IEntity owner)
		m_EventHandlerManagerComponent = EventHandlerManagerComponent.Cast(owner.FindComponent(EventHandlerManagerComponent));
		if (m_EventHandlerManagerComponent)
			m_EventHandlerManagerComponent.RegisterScriptHandler("OnAmmoCountChanged", this, this.Event_OnAmmoCountChanged, true);
	void ~EHJ_WeaponEventComponent()
		if (m_EventHandlerManagerComponent)
			m_EventHandlerManagerComponent.RemoveScriptHandler("OnAmmoCountChanged", this, this.Event_OnAmmoCountChanged, true);
	void Event_OnAmmoCountChanged(BaseWeaponComponent currentWeapon, BaseMuzzleComponent currentMuzzle, BaseMagazineComponent magazine, int ammoCount, bool isChambered)


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