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Hullo everyone. 

I'm trying to set a campaign set shortly after the events of the "Steel Pegasus" campaign. Figured a shortcut to making the ORBAT would be to modify the existing entries from that campaign. 

Indeed the mission.sqm files do have ORBAT modules with references and ceilings such as:

configFile >> "cfgOrbat" >> "BIS" >> "B_I_1"
configFile >> "cfgOrbat" >> "BIS" >> "B_I_FIA"


Unfortunately the PBO, missions_f_tank.pbo, has almost none of these config entries. The config.bin (unbinarised) file in the root of the PBO has a few entries referring to some of the AAF units. 

I've skimmed through the other PBO's in the Tanks folder, and they don't seem to have it either. That's to be expected. But where would I find these CfgORBAT entries instead?

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