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BattlEye blocks loading Steam files

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Anyone seen this? Any advice how to handle this?


BattlEye blocks loading Steam files - all from "Program Files (x64)":

  • GameOverlayRenderer.dll
  • x64launcher.exe
  • GameOverlayRenderer64.dll
  • steamclient64.dll
  • tier0_s64.dll
  • vstdlib_s64.dll
  • steam.exe

Game is unable to launch and crashes at startup with an exit code 0x00000035


There's no AV SW installed, no mods, mo cheats. I played ARMA just 9 hours ago and it was able to start. There were no changes afterwards - I just turned off the rig yesterday and turned it on again this morning. BattlEye works just fine with non-Steam games and Steam works fine without BattlEye.


Overall the conflicts started about 7-10 days ago - then BattlEye blocked just x64launcher.exe yet the game was able to start. Now it blocks all of Steam and there's no way to play. Peculiarities of the rig I use: Win7 SP1, no SP-2 and SHA-2 installed - cannot do that as it conflicts with the motherboard.

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Solved. For those who runs into the same trouble: it seems the reason was BattlEye was failing to update itself (for an unknown reason). What helped is:

  1. Renaming BE executable in "Program Files (x86)/Common Files/BattlEye" to something weird to force BE to re-download itself (exe, not the service).
  2. Running Steam as Administrator.
  3. Launching ARMA from Steam library - pressing Play there - rather than a using a Steam-handled shortcut on Desktop.

Too lazy to test now yet I strongly suspect p. 1 shall suffice.

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I'm glad you got your game back up and running and would like to thank you for posting your solution. I'm sure it'll come in handy for others that search for an answer to the same issue.

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