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My arma 3 audio does not work good ive attempted geting help on the arma discord but I couldn't describe what was wrong and I have not seen anyone else have this issue


Here is a clip of an operation I was, all you cab hear is a vehicle cooking off and some occasional explosions

the main things I cant hear a shooting sfx and engine / vehicle noises but even then I can hear some weapons



I have tried playing base game, validating my game files and some other things

I tried updating my audio drivers but it said they were up to date


If any one can help it would be great

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A group I used to play with would intermittently have this same issue - the only cause we could find was different players using different sound mods. Not sure if its still an issue that could be caused by such a conflict but its a place to start. Back in the day it was the main cause for our group changing our server settings to only allow our verified content.

If you're using a sound mod, remove it and see if you experience the same issue. If it happens in only multiplayer games then I might be on to something...

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