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Presets not working (PS4)

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Hello, my username is xArbie11.

I have been playing your guys game for a couple months now, I’ve also spent some money for a couple battle passes and other items. 

I’m not able to set any presets, therefor I have to unload everything I loot from an encounter and then equip what I want.

I have looked online and found nothing, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game to see if that would help, nothing again.

I reached out to support and Dominik said you guys are aware of this issue, but when I replied asking if there was anything I could do to fix it, I got a reply from Jiri telling me that I should post here. I play the game daily, and I simply wish I could use the presets. It really bothers me.

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Hi there, thanks for bringing up this issue 🙂 The team is aware that there are some issues with presets. We are working on a fix for it 🛠️ Thank you for your patience on this! 🍅

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