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Problem with setVariable, getVariable in editing FAR revive

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I edited FAR revive script in GREUH Liberation so AI can revive players and be reivived by players.

but a problem happed with players reviving another player


this is what is executed on the unit revivng another:

FAR_HandleStabilize =

	params ["_target", "_healer"];

	if (alive _target) then
		_healer playMove "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic";

		//if (!("Medikit" in (items _healer)) ) then {
			//player removeItem "FirstAidKit";

		_target setVariable ["FAR_isStabilized", 1, true];

		sleep 6;


this is what is excuted on the unit injured:

while { !isNull _unit && alive _unit && _unit getVariable "FAR_isUnconscious" == 1 && _unit getVariable "FAR_isStabilized" == 0 && (FAR_BleedOut <= 0 || time < _bleedOut) } do {
	hintSilent format[localize "STR_BLEEDOUT_MESSAGE" + "\n\n%2", round (_bleedOut - time), call FAR_CheckFriendlies];
	public_bleedout_message = format [localize "STR_BLEEDOUT_MESSAGE", round (_bleedOut - time)];
	public_bleedout_timer = round (_bleedOut - time);

	sleep 0.5;


when a unit stabilize another unit, "FAR_isStabilized" variable of the injured unit is set to 1 so the while loop has to terminate

these script run without any problem when AI revive players and AI are revived by players

but don't work when a player is reviving another player.


when a player tries to stabilize another player, it does the action "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic" but that while loop doesn't finish so I think there is something wrong with

_target setVariable ["FAR_isStabilized", 1, true];in the FAR_HandleStabilize function and _unit getVariable "FAR_isStabilized" == 0 in condition of the while loop


full codes:


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How does it not work?  Does it give a script error, does the variable not get updated, ...?

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you should diag_log [_target, _healer]; to check if your parameters are correct

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