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[Release] EGX_Medevac system

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EGX_Medevac system

by Enigx

The system orders the arrival, in a clickable point on the map, of a Medevac for the transport of the injured players to the medical point and their subsequent insertion once healed.
Once activated, the medevac will be spawned, goes to extraction point, waits for take-off command, goes to medical point for players heling, goes back to extraction for players landing and flies away to medical point again for cancellation.
The medical point is pre-defined in the editor during mission editing.
The system can be activated by self-interaction menu of the ACE mod.


EGX_Medevac system


Hey, it seems Armaholic has been shut down!! 
Alternatively, I added the file to this link which uses a personal external website (completely unrelated to the Arma game).



  • Just place a medical point marker during mission editing and the system does the rest.
  • You can call Medevac wherever you want on the map
  • You can call Medevac whenever and as many times as you want
  • You can select medevac route clicking on four intermediate points on map
  • Automatic procedure to identify safe landing position close to selected one
  • Automatic procedure to take-off from extraction point, healing of players and their transport for the insertion
  • Multiple Medevac calls
  • No need to place medevac from editor. It is spawned and deleted at each call
  • Activation by ACE self interaction menu for authorized players only or for everyone
  • SP/MP compatible

Installation / Usage:
For instructions and information of how to use the EGX_Medevac refer to file initEGXMed.sqf.
Mission example included in zip archive.


It needs the following mods loaded in your mission:
- ACE for the interaction menu
- RHS USAF for the definition of the Medevac helicopter "RHS_UH60M_MEV2". You can change it modifying the heli classname in CallMedevacV2.sqf file.

  • ace
  • CBA_A3
  • ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces


Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Armaholic Community.


First official version 1.0

Edited by Enigx
New link for downloading
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