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attaching objects inside vehicles?

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The armed versions of the Hunter have a rendersurface for the gunner, but the unarmed version doesn't.


I want to attachto a land_tablet_02_black_f inside an unarmed Hunter so that I can rtt its screen. In the editor I've placed it, got it's position and orientation just right. See below;




But when sitting in that seat, it's not rendered in first person for anyone in the vehicle. I'm assuming this is to do with viewLODS, which I'm ot really familiar with. See below;



In third person, or in camera view, it does render, albiet with wrong orientation. You can see it through the window.  You can also see it if you're not in the vehicle.



I attached a blue arrow to te tablet object so I could be sure where it actually is - not sure if this is making things worse?


Anyway, is there a way of having this object render so vehicle crew can actually see it?

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Interior view LODs are rendered on top of the external world,

Attachto'd objects will always be rendered outside the vehicle when viewed from the crew's perspective

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Thanks for the reply.

I suspected as much - when we were in the vehicle in 1st person, we caught sight of it outside even though it was inside.

I remember similar stuff happening when sitting in the back of one of your Chinooks with the ramp down and another player ran into the cargo bay from the outside.... giant players rendered outside. 🙂

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