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A Death Camera

A smooth tracking camera to watch your dead body.




This release is part of a series of releases containing projects that I have not completely fleshed out or implemented into any dedicated server environment. I am releasing these projects because I have stopped playing and scripting for Arma 3, but I figured that this project was interesting enough that others may want to implement them into their missions. That being said, use them as you will and enjoy.



- Smooth tracking (updates on each frame as a camera should)

- Auto adjusting camera distance based on objects obstructing view.
- Camera should always target correct dead body as of recent fix: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T148420.

- Define the files found in the example mission into your mission's function library and call fn_deathCamera whenever your player dies/respawns.
- Either pass the player's dead body to fn_deathCamera, add a new parameter and update life_dead_body at the beginning of the script or update life_dead_body before calling fn_deathCamera.



I hope you can find some use for it in your missions, feel free to modify and improve the system of course but just ask to leave my initial author credits.
~ NumbNutsJunior aka Pizza Man

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Really like this script!


Anyway you could add sad music to it?


thanks again!!

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