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New -limitFPS= 1000 ? Who are you kidding ?

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When most servers can just scrape a consistently low fps, at least put the limit of 5-50 !  1000 .... sorry wiping the tear from my eye.

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That was supposed to be posted on the Arma4 secret Alpha dev branch changelog, not Arma3's!


What was BI thinking!

Someone has their wires crossed over there at the office, seems they have been getting euphoric

off the game and engine that they cant seem to think straight.

  i mean you would too with those graphics, so real it makes you feel like your there, sound so fine it makes you feel its in the room with you,

the performance so amazing your computer is sending you the load more mods message.


Theres even a flashing message that comes on after so many hours of play like one of those dlc ads you see ingame when you dont own it

that says "you been ingame to long" if you feel you are getting addicted please contact BI Arma addiction counselors help line, their always on standby! 😄

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