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Reload vehicle smoke launcher faster.

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I want vehicles to have more smoke screens.
I can add more smoke screen magazines with addMagazineTurret:

_vehicle = vehicle player;
_vehicle addMagazineTurret ["SmokeLauncherMag",[0,0],1]; // adds one smoke screen magazine containing two smoke screens

However, it takes a minute to reload the smoke launcher. A full minute! That's way too long.

setWeaponReloadingTime does NOTHING. (The wiki straight up telling lies at this point)

_vehicle setWeaponReloadingTime [commander (_vehicle), currentMuzzle (commander (_vehicle)), 0.1];

I've tried using loadMagazine to manually reload. Guess what is does NOTHING. If you use up all your smoke rounds and then add more with addMagazineTurret There is no way to reload smokes. How am I meant to create a script that reloads all smokes if loadMagazines just doesn't work.

_vehicle loadMagazine [[0,0], "SmokeLauncher", "SmokeLauncherMag"];

I'm in a really bad mood. I had a great idea for a mod, checked out the API, looked like I could achieve what I wanted but for some reason the smoke launcher is janky and half the commands just don't work for it. So yeah if someone has a way to get the smoke launcher to actually respond to commands I'd be grateful but I'm not holding my breath. Looks like the smoke launcher is hardcoded to be jank.

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