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[SP] Labyrinth: Procedural Dungeon Crawler

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Wander through gloomy corridors of procedural, different each play maze, build your strength with found loot, clear the labirynth of horrors, that lurk in the dark, survive.










Labyrinth is an old school, simple, grid-based, turn-based procedural dungeon crawler. Yep. It is made purely for fun, as a proof of concept and released as LOL provider. Nevertheless it is playable, has own rules and mechanics, should be also winnable... The goal is to kill all the monsters. When done, player is moved to another level up to 5th, the last one. Each level is bigger, populated with bigger number of more powerful monsters but also more loot. Player's parameters from previous level are kept in the next level.



Used are only three keys mapped for infantry movement:


Move forward - contextual/multi purpose. Each use activates new turn (hostiles will move or attack once). If used against free corridor cell - player will move to the next cell ahead. If used against the wall - a cross mark will be drawn on it (or removed), if used against a cell occupied by a monster - attack will be performed;

Strafe left - turning 90 degrees left;

Strafe right - turning 90 degress right.



Health - self-explanatory. 100% means full health, 0 - death. Each time, player is hit by a monster, some health may be lost. Replenished by medikits;

Armor - 0-100%. Means a chance, damage will not lower health, but armor value instead (so each hit intercepted by the armor lowers the chance for another interception). Improved by armored vests;

Ammo - Shotgun shells. If depleted, player will attack in melee with very reduced damage. Replenished by ammo boxes;

Damage - by this value monster's health or armor will be lowered each successful hit. Upgraded by found shotguns;

Combat skill - hit chance, tested against monster's skill with some randomness. The higher skill, the bigger chance for hit. Upgraded each kill. Common monsters - by 1, bosses - by 2. 





Labyrinth 1.02 (Dropbox)

Labyrinth 1.02 (Steam Workshop)

Labyrinth 1.02 - open folder (Dropbox)



Credits & licenses


Scenario utilizes slightly customized Confused Minotaur script.


Additional sound effects (edited) from:

1. http://soundbible.com/
RA The Sun God: Attribution 3.0 license

2. https://www.zapsplat.com
ZapSplat, Glitchedtones, SoundBits, Skyclad Sound: ZapSplat's standard license
Still North Media, John J: CC0 1.0 Universal license







- Fixed: markings on the walls wasn't removed between levels;
- actions  shouldn't be possible at ending fade out.



Fixed issues with resumed game.



Terms of Use



Anybody can depack this mission and change my work for own needs, even release such changed version, as long proper credits are given: it is released under APL-SA license, except for the font used in the splash screen and other content listed in Credits & licenses section, which may have own terms of use. 


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Updated to 1.01. Hopefully fixed some issues with resumed game. Resumed  straight from scenario menu may not work properly, but manual save load seem to work fine. Not, that I expect extensive need for resuming... 🙂

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