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Guys I need help with setting position of object follownig array of coordinates but including negative Z.  https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/153382-shk_pos/ I found this but links are  broken and found this ;


_mystartpositions = [[0,0,0],[5234,7345,0]];
_rndstartposition = _mystartpositions call
object1 setpos _rndstartposition;


but code only place object on those two locations randomly. Eden placement radius is useless because it always place object on surface. I need this:


-moored naval mine to be randomly placed in specific area on the sea (could be marker) but also to randomize depth (z axis). For now, I only manage to place mine randomly X and Y but Z is always the same distance from the bottom so divers alsway know to dont search for mine between surface and bottom -40m. (40m is a chain of naval mine which is always placed on bottom.) - That is what I need! Z randomized axis so the mine could be on any depth between bottom and surface.


Thanks in advance







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Tested now, but it is not random. It place mine on exact coords I put in code. Like this: 

mine1 setPosASL [(getPosASL player select 0) +5, (getPosASL player select 1) +1, (getPosASL player select 2) -40];

so mine is always 5 meters of player by X axis, 1 meter by Y and 40 meters beneth. Also if I put player (lets say anchor for mine position) randomly using knowing way for 2d random placement, it will spawn mine on the same depth as I put in code no matter where the player/anchor is, becouse the player is always on surface.

If this code can be randomized somehow? To make array from 1000,1000,0 to 2000,2000,-100 for example. And then game choose point in that array to place mine counting Z axis also. This way I will have 1000m3 space for random placement. 

This is for community everyday basis training and I have to set it manualy every time, and upload new mission every time when I change depth of mines they need to search for. Thats way I need randomization.

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Thanks for time sir. Testing now..

_rNumber = random 50;   -does this means that randomization will go from 0 to 50?


mine1 setPos [random 500, random 500, random -200];     -this works well but it only randomize position from 0 up to 500 by X, also 0 to 500 by Y and -200 to 0 by Z. How could I make it not to be from 0 because 0 is always left corner of map? @stanhope

-Or inside marker placed in exact area where divers whould look for mine but with Z random coord..


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1 hour ago, stanhope said:

Solved!! I put all tree values (min, mid, max) for every axis where minimum is from and maximum is up to coord! Thank you bro, this help a lot also helped learning! 


mine1 setPos [random [500, 550, 600] , random [500, 550, 600], random [-200,-100,0]];    ❤️

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